World of Aincrad: Floor 2 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips

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World of Aincrad Floor 2 Boss Fight

When it comes to grinding for items in a video game, it’s best to know where to find these items and what are the chances for their drops. In World of Aincrad, there are a lot of monsters you can fight and grinding them is the best way to progress. You’ll get a bunch of good gear, and you move on to the stronger mobs, rinse and repeat until you’re at the top.

In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the mobs in Floor 2. We’ll also show you what kind of items they drop and give you some tips on grinding them. Now, let’s see what these mobs are!

Floor 2 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips

With each Floor in World of Aincrad, there are a lot of mobs scattered around the map. These mobs have their own mechanics, stats and drops and you’ll want to know which one to grind. Here are the mobs you’ll see in Floor 2 and the drops and stats for these mobs. We’ll also show you some tips on how to fight them!

Stag Beetles Location, Stats and Drops

At the start of this floor, you’ll have to go forward and see a bunch of Stag Beetles. They’re the first enemy in the list and there’s a lot of them covering a large track of land.

World of Aincrad Stag Beetles

These are the stats and drops for the Stag Beetle:

  • 525 to 575 HP
  • Guranteed Drops — 7 to 18 Col, 11 to 13.2 EXP.
  • 30% Chance — Level 8 Oak Blade, Tuff Greatsword, Mapleleaf Shroud.

At this point in the game if you want to farm Stag Bettles you’ll want to have at least some Kobold Armor. You’ll also want to stock up some Potions so you can solo grind them. The items they drop aren’t really worth grinding though and is highly suggested that you should just kill them for the Level 9 Quest.

The next monster to the Stag Beetle are the Hornets.

World of Aincrad More Stag Beetles Locations

Hornets Location, Stats and Drops

The next monster is the Hornets, and you can find them by just going through the Arch shown before when going to the beetles. On the right side of the Arch, is a quest giver that gives you a quest to kill some Hornets so make sure to get that.

World of Aincrad Arch

These are the stats and drops for the Hornets:

  • 575 to 635 HP
  • Guaranteed Drops — 10 to 23 Col, 15.7 to 16.9 Exp.
  • 30% Chance — Level 8 Elk Guard, Level 11 Fossil Blade and Copperscale Armour.

Just like the beetles, you’ll have no problem solo grinding the Hornets if you have Kobold gear. Just remember to bring enough potions to sustain yourself. If you want to save your healing items, you can press N to rest somewhere to heal naturally. Pressing N will make you sit and heal faster.

Hornet Queen Location, Stats and Drops

There’s also a miniboss in the area near the Vespid Vale Waypoint. You can see the hornet nest shown below from the waypoint. Go inside and there, you’ll find the Hornet Queen miniboss.

World of Aincrad Hornet Nest

These are the stats and drops for the Hornet Queen:

  • 57,500 HP
  • Guaranteed Drops — 350 to 500 Col, 212 Exp.
  • 1% Chance — Level 17 Gilded Autum Platemail, Level 18 Garnet Keeper and Maple Point.

This is a miniboss, so it’s best to fight the Hornet Queen with as many people as possible. Also remember to party up with the players around the boss to avoid hitting them. The boss will summon Hornets from time to time so clear them out first. It’s best to farm this boss with Guardian Armor and weapons.

World of Aincrad Hornet Queen

Rock Golems Location, Stats and Drops

The next enemy on the list is the Rock Golem, which can be found near the Emberglade Gorge Waypoint. Just walk up the hill next to the waypoint and you’ll find some walking around.

World of Aincrad Rock Golems

These are the stats and drops for the Rock Golems:

  • 932 – 1050 HP
  • Guaranteed Drops — 34 to 45 Col, 41.2 to 46.2 Exp
  • 10% Chance — Level 11 Copper Rapier, Noble Sword, Fossil Blade, Copperscale Armour.

It’s best to farm these Rock Golems in groups to make it faster. Their attacks are quite slow so you can easily time your dodges backwards to avoid attacks. Remember that when farming with a group to party up, so you don’t accidentally hit them.

Guardians Location, Stats and Drops

The next monster on the list are the Guardians, which can be found inside the F2 Dungeon Tower. They’re basically everywhere in the maze area, so you can’t really miss them!

World of Aincrad Guardians

These are the stats and drops for the Guardians:

  • 891 – 1337 HP
  • Guaranteed Drops — 29 to 50 Col, 50 to 64.5 Exp
  • 10% Chance — Level 15 Stoneslate Sword, Ripost, Stone Breaker, Dusk Plate.

When you’re starting out in the area, it’s best to just fight the guardians near the entrance to not get lost in the maze. It’s also best to grind these enemies with a team or a party to make things easier. If you’re grinding them solo, it’s a bit more difficult but you can time your dodges to not get hit.

Sauros Location, Stats and Drops

The last enemy on the list is the Sauros boss, which can be found after going through the maze area where you fight the guardians. From the entrance you’ll want to follow the route: Forward, Right, Left, Forward, Right, Left, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Right, Right, Left, Right, Forward.

At the very end is the door to the boss room.

World of Aincrad Sauros

These are the stats and drops for the Sauros Boss:

  • 150,000 HP
  • Guaranteed Drops — 600 to 1500 Col, 1150 Exp
  • 0.1% to 0.25% Chance — Level 20 Blade of Sauros and Amberglaze Platemail.

This is a floor boss so for that you’ll want to have a proper raid team. At this point, the team should at least be wearing Guardian or miniboss armor. One player should tank the boss, while the others hit him from behind, that is to ensure only the tank gets hit. When the tank can’t sustain, switch to another tank. The boss also summons sentinels, make sure you clear them out while some stay to distract the boss.

Those are all the mobs in Floor 2 of World of Aincrad. Now go out there and clear this floor and go to the next one! If you haven’t already go check out our complete guide on Floor 1 of the game if you haven’t already!

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