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Frog Location In Genshin Impact

Don’t let that frog leap away!

There are various living beings and wildlife in Genshin Impact. Frogs are necessary for various recipes but where exactly can you find them? This guide will show you the location of the Frogs in Genshin Impact.

Frog Location — Genshin Impact

Frogs will leap away when you run after them so be sure to sprint towards them quickly. The best place to get Frogs is near the Bishui Plain. Teleport to the Minlin waypoint to the west of Dihua Marsh, near Mt. Aocang.

Follow the waypoint on the map above and glide down to the small islets. You will find the frogs near the rocks to your right, next to the broken wood.  Head north to the next small islet with a huge protruding rock.

You will find 2 other frogs on the green grass. The last frog is near the pond, leaping on top of the water. Keep looking for the frogs in the small islets near Bishui Plain. You can find the frogs near the bodies of water all over the Liyue region.

Frogs are required for numerous recipes like Essential Oils. You can also capture the Frogs using the Omni-Ubiquity Net.

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