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Sunset Loach Location In Genshin Impact

Where can you catch the Sunset Loach? Find out using this guide!

Players of Genshin Impact are catching animals left and right. Teyvat has a wide variety of animals and using the Omni-Ubiquity Net can unlock the animals in your archive. This guide will show you where you can catch the Sunset Loach in Genshin Impact.

Sunset Loach Location — Genshin Impact

To catch the Sunset Loach, you must teleport to Watatsumi Island. Use the teleport waypoint in Sangonomiya Shrine and go northeast.

You will find the Sunset Loach near the bushes on the cliff. Another area where you can find the Sunset Loach is the Mouun Shrine.

Use the Statue of Seven near the Mouun Shrine and you can find the Sunset Loach near the altar at the entrance of the shrine. You can also find another Sunset Loach near the broken shrine itself, near the fallen roof.

Just like all the other Loaches, catching them will give you Loach Pearls. However, unlike the other loaches, the Sunset Loach spawns near the cliff instead of the water. They can be difficult to find because their colors help them blend in with Watatsumi Island.

And there you have it, we hope this guide can help you capture the Sunset Loaches!

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