Fruit Warriors: How To Get Fruits

Now that’s a lot of rolls!

When most people think of Roblox they might think it’s just a children’s game and I can’t blame them. Roblox though isn’t just a children’s game, it’s not even a single game but a bunch of games. Roblox is a game development platform and there are a lot of different games in there made by different people. Of course, most of them can be simple and childish but there are also some RTS games and even RPGs if you look hard enough.

Fruit Warriors is another game in Roblox and that game is more of an RPG, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to get fruits in the game!

How To Get Fruits In Fruit Warriors

When you’re starting out in Fruit Warriors, or maybe you just forgot, you’ll want to get your hands on some Fruits for your Warrior. Where do you get fruits anyway?

Well, you can get them in the various Fruit Merchants in the world, the first one is in the starter island, which is Stage 1. Stage 2 is in Snow Island while Stage 3 is in Alabasta.

You’ll need to roll for your fruits which means that you get a random fruit from the merchant. You can either pay with Tokens or with Beli, with Tokens having better chances for rarer stuff!

In our Token Guide, we show you how to get Tokens fast in the game so go check that out!

Here are all the Fruit Roll Stages and the chances they have:

Fruit Roll Stage 1

Token Chances

  • 50% Common
  • 40% Uncommon
  • 10% Rare

Beli Chances

  • 90% Uncommon
  • 10% Uncommon

Fruit Roll Stage 2

Token Chances

  • 0% Common
  • 50% Uncommon
  • 40% Rare
  • 10% Epic

Beli Chances

  • 0% Common
  • 90% Uncommon
  • 10% Rare

Fruit Roll Stage 3

Token Chance

  • 50% Rare
  • 40% Epic
  • 10% Legendary

Beli Chances

  • 60% Uncommon
  • 30% Rare
  • 10% Epic

You can also get Fruits when they spawn in the game but they are quite rare and they can spawn anywhere on the map. You can buy a Fruit Notifier to give you a better chance.

Congratulations you now know where to get fruits in Fruit Warrior in Roblox, now go out there and roll for the best Fruit there is!

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