Genshin Impact: All Chenyu Vale Keys Locations & Puzzles

Unlock all those hidden treasures with these shiny keys!

Genshin Impact has just dropped its latest update, which comes with an entirely new region called Chenyu Vale. With that, there are a ton of collectibles to find in this area alone, and among them are various keys that open all sorts of secrets. Here are all of their locations and what they unlock in Update 4.4!

All Chenyu Vale Keys Locations & Puzzles

In total, there are five keys that you can collect all around this new region of Genshin Impact. Each of them unlocks certain chests or locations, some of which require two keys to open.

To make your search easier, ensure that you have unlocked every fast travel waypoint in Chenyu Vale. This will allow you to easily access the important spots, and these are going to be used as a reference when we give you directions.

Forgotten Keys 1 & 2

Fast travel to the waypoint east of Mt. Lingmeng, and head straight down to the road southwest of you. Here, you will find a locked chest and a mound of dirt a few steps behind it. Walk up to this dirt and investigate it.

This will get you Forgotten Key (I), and treasure hoarders will spawn all around you and try to attack you. Get rid of them quickly to proceed to the next step.

Genshin Impact location of the forgotten key #1

After clearing the area, continue along the road to the east until you reach the highlighted part of the map below.

You will see another object that you can investigate on the ground. This will get you Forgotten Key (II), which won’t spawn treasure hoarders like the last one.

Genshin Impact location of the forgotten key #2

Now return to the spot where the locked chest and first key was. With both keys on hand, you can now unlock the chest, which will grant you various rewards, including 10 Primogems.

Genshin Impact locked chest that can be unlocked with keys

Strange Key

Next up, travel to the waypoint just south of Mt. Mingyuan, and then run all the way down the cliffs to the southwest. Defeat the treasure hoarders in this area and grab the Strange Key from the ground.

Genshin Impact directions to fight and the strange key dropping on the ground

Now go back to the waypoint you previously went to and run southwest until you see a locked cage beside a chest.

Genshin Impact the locked cage with sacred simulacrum inside

Upon unlocking the cage using the Strange Key, grab the Sacred Simulacrum that was inside. Run southeast until you spot a glowing platform that you can place the Simulacrum on.

Genshin Impact platform where you have to place a sacred simulacrum

Placing the Simulacrum on the platform will spawn a Precious Chest to the left, which will give you various rewards, including 10 Primogems just like earlier.

Ancient City Key

For this one, travel to the waypoint directly east of Chizhang Wall. Here, walk towards the locked gate and step over to the right of the two pots. Now turn left and activate the object (T button for PC players) to open the gate.

Genshin Impact map of waypoint and the solution to the jar puzzle

Inside the structure is a chest that contains the Ancient City Key and a Chizhang Map quest item that will give you a hint to your next destination.

Travel to the waypoint just southeast of Chizhang Wall and run directly to the south to reach the marked location below.

Inside the ruined structure will be yet another locked gate, which you can open with the Ancient City Key. Past the gate are three chests that will give you all sorts of freebies.

Genshin Impact map with directions to the ancient city key gate

Wangshan Hall Backup Key

For this one, you will have to start the A Wangshan Walk to Remember world quest. We have an extensive guide on how to complete it.

Basically, you just have to progress through this quest and you will eventually be given the Wangshan Hall Backup Key. This is all a part of the quest chain, so continue the series from there once you get it!

Genshin Impact huang the third quest dialogue during a wangshan walk to remember

And those are all of the keys that you can find all throughout the new subregion added in Genshin Impact’s latest update. If you want to search for even more collectibles, check out our guide on the location of all 50 Spirit Carps!


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