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Genshin Impact: All Electroculus Locations On Seirai Island (Patch 2.1)

Gotta catch ‘em all!

With the addition of so many islands in the game, Seirai Island is full of Electroculus, maybe more than all the rest! And I know you want to gather them all, because you wouldn’t be a professional Genshin Impact player if you didn’t! I won’t spare you the details on how to solve every puzzle and how to climb and destroy everything in your way, but I will give you every location, with a little map along, and a few pointers here and there on how to get them!

All Electroculus Locations On Seirai Island (Patch 2.1) – Genshin Impact

There are, in total, 35 Electroculus on and around Seirai Island. Here are their locations:

  • Isolated Island

    On this little island to the Northwest you will find a door. Rotate it once and walk through it. Do not press anything until you collect the Electroculus.

  • “Seiraimaru”

    You will get this one after beating the Seiraimaru puzzle.

  • “Seiraimaru” 2

    No need for a picture for this one, it’s at the same location. Just climb up the mast and you’ll find it on top.

  • “Seiraimaru” 3

    I know, this is getting repetitive. There was another one inside the boat that you should have seen when you were doing the puzzle.

  • Underground “Seiraimaru”

    It’s kinda different now! Where the player cursor is, there is an underground entrance to “Seirimaru”. If you do the puzzle you should get the Electroculus.

  • Asase Shrine

    Where the player cursor is located there is a Torii gate where, on top, you will find the Electroculus.

  • Asase Shrine 2

    Get used to the numbered locations. There is a huge tree here. Get on top of it to get the loot.

  • Asase Shrine 3

    There is a breakable boulder here. Inside you’ll find the Electroculus and some cute cats.

  • South of Koseki Village

    There is a broken bridge here. Jump over and get what you need.

  • Koseki Village

    You will get here the Relics of Seirai Quest that will get you the Electroculus.

  • Koseki Village 2

    Use the Elctrogranum you’ll find here to get it.

  • Koseki Village 3

    Use the gate here to fly to the loot.

  • West of Fort Hiraumi

    Another gate that will get you where you want to. Except, it won’t. You’ll have to cancel the travel by jumping to get the Electroculus.

  • West of Fort Hiraumi 2

    Summon Elctrogranum here to jump to your desired destination.

  • West of Fort Hiraumi 3

    If you jump from this cliff towards the sea and glide, you’ll see the Electroculus on a tree.

  • West of Fort Hiraumi 4

    Walk straight through the forest and you’ll find it in a dead tree at the end of the path.

  • Fort Hiraumi

    Below a wooden ledge where the player character is in the picture.

  • Island North of Amakumo Peak

    Summon Electrogranum to get inside a barrier where the loot is.

  • Island Northeast of Amakumo Peak

    Climb up the highest floating rock there.

  • Island Northeast of Amakumo Peak 2

    Jump and get it.

  • Island Northeast of Amakumo Peak 3

    On the same island from before there is a gate. Rotate it 3 times and use it. It will get you to the Electroculus.

  • Amakumo Peak – Southwestern Island

    Jump from this location and glide towards the island to the East. On a peak there, you’ll see the Electroculus.

  • Southwestern Island

    On the island you’ve arrived to, there is a wooden platform you can jump from to get it.

  • Amakumo Peak

    Jump from here to the Southeast and land a few paces from where you’ve jumped. There will be one in the air as you land.

  • Amakumo Peak 2

    Right up there, there will be a smaller ledge where there is an Electroculus. You will see it on your mini map.

  • Amakumo Peak – Southern Island

    Jump from the peak again, but this time to the South. There is a floating boulder on your way to the Southern Island that has some loot on it.

  • Amakumo Peak Underground

    As you jump from the peak, into the has-been lake, there will be one floating there.

  • Amakumo Peak Underground 2

    As you fall into the dungeon in the lake, land higher to the right and you’ll find a breakable boulder.

  • Amakumo Peak Underground 3

    At the end of the dungeon. We have a different guide to show you how to finish the dungeon here.

  • Amakumo Peak 3
  • If you jump from the peak, on the floating island, you can jump from there to the North and you’ll find another Electroculus.

  • Amakumo Peak 4

    Use the Electrogranum on the floating Island.

  • Southwest of Fort Hiraumi

    Use the gate here.

  • Amakumo Peak 5

    Fly towards this place from the peak.

  • Amakumo Peak 6

    It’s here. Nothing more to add.

  • Southwest of Amakumo Peak

    Use Electrogranum to enter the barrier in front.

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