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Genshin Impact: All Thunder Sakura Locations

We found all Thunder Sakura Trees!

With the new update for Genshin Impact, you might have gotten a quest to heal some trees that are infused with Electro that are spread around Kannazuka Island. If you’re like me and you don’t like searching for stuff aimlessly, then this guide will save your life. We have searched far and wide where to find these beautiful trees and, fortunately for all of us, have found them. Get ready to get a lot of xp and items.

Where to Find All Thunder Sakura Trees in Genshin Impact

Once you get the World Quest Sakura Arborism, you can start looking for these trees.

Here are the locations for every Thunder Sakura. They are located where the player cursor is:

  • South of the Kujou Encampment, on the little island between the peninsulas.

  • A bit to the West from the first one, on the green spot on the beach.

  • You advance further West, climbing the mountains to the South once you reach the furthest point of Tatarasuna.

  • You advance along Tatarasuna South, after healing the last tree trunk, through the bridge and over the hills.

  • For this final one you have to get back to the Kujou Encampment, to the furthest point of the island, under the little island North.

After that, you have managed to finish healing all the Thunder Sakuras and will have finished the quest, looting five common chests.

The battles are not that hard, since you only need to dodge electrical attacks and that’s it. You can easily finish this World Quest.

This experience will at least will provide you with useful things, and you can continue exploring the new update for Genshin Impact, without doing any other fetch quests!

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