Genshin Impact: All Torches Puzzles Shirikoro Peak Guide

Solve all the Torch Puzzles in Tsurumi!

The Shirokoro Peak has multiple mysterious puzzles that will certainly make the average player confused. One of the puzzles you can solve in Tsurumi Island is the Pyro torches littered all over the Shirokoro Peak. Here is a guide on how to solve all Pyro Torch puzzles!

Pyro Torch Puzzle 1 

Teleport to the Shirikoro Peak and drop down to the underground caves. You will find this Pyro torch puzzle near the mural, on the easternmost part of the map. Use your Peculiar Pinion Gadget on the thunderbird statue to reveal the 5 Pyro torches on the wall. 

Use a Pyro character like Amber or Yoimiya and shoot the lower torch on the east. Light up the second lower torch on the west and finally, shoot the middle torch on the upper platform. This will unlock the achievement called the Thunderbird’s Lineage. 

Pyro Torch Puzzle 2 

On the north-eastern side of the underground caves, you will find another set of Pyro torches to solve. Starting from the right, light up the torches in a counter-clockwise manner until all torches lit up. You will get an exquisite chest from this puzzle. 

Pyro Torch Puzzle 3

You can find the third Pyro Puzzle on the northernmost part of the island, almost next to the islet on Shirikoro Peak. You will find 6 Pyro torches on the wall. Use a long-range Pyro character and light up the torches following the sequence on the photo above. 

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