Genshin Impact: Danger All Around Domain Symbols Puzzle Guide

How do you solve the domain symbols puzzle?

Update 2.7 in Genshin Impact added new puzzles and characters for players to explore. One of the puzzles you will encounter is the symbols puzzle in Danger All Around domain. This guide will show you how to solve the symbols puzzle in Genshin Impact. 

Danger All Around Domain Puzzle Guide – Genshin Impact

Start by going to the blue symbol portal on your west. Once in there, you will see two groups of symbols, one on the north and one on the south. For the south group, simply activate the symbol in the middle. 

For the north group, activate all symbols as shown in the photo above. This will spawn enemies so be ready. After defeating the enemies, you will encounter the light shaper puzzle. Interact with the tower to start the puzzle. 

Adjust the left two lights to activate the symbols as shown above. Do the same thing on the last two symbols to your right to complete the puzzle. Go to the portal on your left to get to the yellow symbol room. 

Yellow Symbol Room

Just like before, you need to step on the symbols to activate them. Simply activate the correct symbols as shown in the photo above and defeat the enemies that spawn. Start the light shaper puzzle on your left side first. 

Shine the light on the symbols to the left as shown in the photo above and do the same for the second puzzle on your right. 

Green Room

Continue on the next portal to the green room. Start with the group of symbols on your right and activate the one on the innermost corner next to the blue big symbol. Follow the rest of the symbols in the photo and activate them. 

Use the left light shapers to light up the symbols on the left and simply adjust the right light shapers for the last two symbols. 

Purple Room

Continue to the last, purple room.  Activate the symbols according to the photo above and defeat the enemies that spawn. For the light shaper, you want to use the two right lights on the two symbols to the left. Use the remaining light on the lower symbols. 

Continue and teleport to the newly formed path to complete the puzzle.

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