Genshin Impact: End Of The Line Domain Puzzle Guide

How do you solve the puzzle of time?

The End of the Line is the puzzle that you will encounter in the new archon quest in update 2.7. This area is a mysterious area with a huge clock in the middle and a small clock on your right. This guide will show you how you can solve the End of the Line Domain puzzle. 

End of the Line Domain Puzzle – Genshin Impact

To view the complete guide for this quest, take a look at this guide. What you need to do is use the smaller clock on your right to go forward or backward in time. Simply move the needle forward and go into the tunnel. 

You will notice that the smaller clock cannot go forward because it is being blocked by the tree. Simply go back and destroy the sapling next to the clock. Now go forward again until you see the clock locked inside the cave to your right with a gate. 

Go back in time and into the tunnel again and pull the lever next to the cave. When you reach the end, simply follow the memories of the traveler to complete the quest. 

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