Genshin Impact: Enter The New Space Guide

Let us explore the new domain!

The Perilous trail is now out, and you have new archon quests to explore. One of the objectives in the Perilous Trail quest is the End of the Line. This guide will show you how you can enter the new space in Genshin Impact. 

Enter the New Space – Genshin Impact

When you reach the End of the Line in the Perilous Archon Quest, you will notice a door and a huge clock to the north. To your right, there will be a small clock-like compass that you can interact with. Defeat the enemies that appear first and then rotate the needle forward. 

From the small compass, go south and you will find a paper on the ground. Enter the door then proceed to the objective point to encounter a cutscene. Turn the needle backward then enter the tunnel again. Once you are back in the room before, destroy the tree sapling next to the compass. 

Now rotate the needle forward and go back to the tunnel. You will notice that the tree will not be there anymore and you can rotate the needle forward twice. Complete the cutscene and then enter the tunnel again. 

Once in the next room, pull the lever next to the cave on your right to open the gate. Enter the tunnel again and you will have access to the compass. Rotate the needle backward twice and enter the tunnel to get a cutscene. 

Rotate the needle once then enter the tunnel. Simply follow through with the cutscene and you will complete the level.

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