Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Fruition

It’s time to research the Energy Amplifier again! Will you help out?

Hosseini wants to continue the research on the Energy Amplifier, hoping that the research can catch attention in the academy. There are various parts to this event and this guide will tell you the rewards you can get for completing the event.

Energy Amplifier Event — Genshin Impact

Before you can join the event, you need to be at least Adventurer Rank 20. You can also do the event in Co-op mode with your friends. Completing the whole event will reward you with Primogems and multiple materials.

Act 1 is the Investigation Process of the event.  You can go to the event page and click on the Go To Quest Button to start the Investigation Process. You need to talk to Hosseini in the Dihua Marsh. The first part of the event will ask you to investigate 3 enemy camps.

Once you are done with the initial quest and investigation process, you can complete domains that can give you more Primogems. Maximize your rewards by making sure that you use the best build for the Deceitful Domain.

If you complete all the domains and investigations, you can get a total of 420 Primogems.

NOTE: You do not have to beat the domain in expert difficulty, you can get the primogems even on easy difficulty.

For Day 1, we recommend using both Pyro and Cryo characters. Adding a Geo character can also give you neutral Crystallized damage.

The Specter enemies can be challenging, so use your best team on this part. You can also enable negative buffs to the challenge to get more points in the domain.

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