Genshin Impact: Deceitful Domain

Get the maximum score in the Deceitful Domain with this energy build!

The research on the energy amplifier continues, along with its return are domains. You can challenge these domains and aim for the highest score to get more rewards in the in-game event such as Primogems and materials.

Get Maximum Score in Deceitful Domain — Genshin Impact

Keep in mind that you can use any build that you want. However, this build is one of the most optimized builds for the Single-player challenge. The build you use will depend entirely on your characters and the team that you have.

Each Fruit will use a different amount of Motive Force so keep an eye out for this one.

  • If you have a Geo character, use Starcrystal Dance and Refraction Crystals to get extra AoE and Geo damage.
  • Adding Whirlpool to your Energy build can help pull in nearby enemies, allowing you to damage them all at once.
  • Challenger can also increase both your attack and defense during the fight.
  • To maximize the damage of your elemental burst, you can add Burst Damage.
  • Fierce Strike is a good addition as well.

Talk to Hosseini to begin the domain in Tainqiu Valley.

To get the maximum points of 8000, you have to set the highest difficulty and toggle all the negative buffs.

And with that, you should get an additional 60 Primogems on your first clear.

Good luck!

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