Genshin Impact: Evernight Temple Elemental Monument Puzzle Solution

Attack in the right order and you’ll be rewarded!

Just like in the city of Inazuma, there are numerous elemental monuments scattered around the map in Enkanomiya. Activating and solving these elemental monuments in the correct order can give you rewards like chests. They can also help with your Enkanomiya progression.

Evernight Temple Elemental Monument Solution — Genshin Impact

Before you start solving the elemental monument puzzle, go ahead and bring any Electro character like Fischl or Lisa. Afterwards, head to the central teleport waypoint in the Evernight temple and go northeast.

You should be able to see five different Electro monuments surrounded by trees and circular stone statues.

  • Facing the electro monument surrounded by four circular statues, hit the electro monument to your right using an electro attack. This electro monument has a buried weapon next to it.
  • Next, hit the electro monument to the left of the monument surrounded by circular stones.
  • Then, hit the electro monument parallel to it, next to the mechanism that changes Whitenight to Evernight.
  • Now, activate the electro monument surrounded by circular stone statues.
  • Lastly, attack the electro monument near the bushes to the north. This monument is near the cliff and next to a stone pillar.

After activating them correctly, you should be rewarded with an exquisite chest! Enjoy your loot!

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