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Genshin Impact: Find Ryuuji and Talk to Him

Players reach the final phase of the Bantan Sango Case Files, and first on our list is to find Ryuuji.

Genshin Impact has a new event called the Bantan Sango Case Files Quest. As you continue the event, you will be able to reach the conclusion of this case investigation. This guide will tell you how you can find Ryuuji and talk to him to finish the quest. 

Find Ryuuji and Talk to Him – Genshin Impact

When you receive the quest called Bantan Sango Case Quest: Recognition, you have to wait until the next day to continue the quest. You can do this by opening your settings and clicking on Time. 

Set the time to 6 am tomorrow to start the quest. Go to the first teleport waypoint in Inazuma City and head to the quest area. Glide down the staircase and you will see the Sango in the Detective Agency in Inazuma City. 

Talk to Sango and she will tell you that Ryuuji wants to talk to you. Teleport to the Statue of Seven in Yashiori Island. From the Higi Village, go down the pathway until you reach the destination area. 

Keep going north and past the houses until you reach the mountain cliff. Talk to Ryuuji and you can then continue with the Recognition quest.  

Let’s close this case, shall we?

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