Genshin Impact: How To Progress From AR35 To AR45+ | Full Guide

Should you ascend? How do you tackle a higher world level?

Ascending in Genshin Impact is one of the indicators of a higher Adventurer’s Rank. However, ascending will also cause your world level to increase, making enemies more challenging to defeat. This guide will tackle the progress from AR35 to AR45 in Genshin Impact. 

How to Progress from AR35 to AR45+ – Genshin Impact

A Reddit user called InvalidScore asked a question on how to progress correctly in Genshin Impact from AR35 to AR45. You can learn more about the post in this thread. Ascending with a lot of excess XP can cause you to immediately level up and increase your world level. 

Increasing your world level will increase the drops you get from enemies. You will also get rarer drops from enemies as well. However, if you have “under-leveled” characters, this can be challenging. The enemies will prove challenging for you to defeat.

In previous patches, players will have difficulty if they ascended without being prepared. However, you can now lower your world level after you ascended if you do not feel ready for your world level yet. Simply go to your Menu and click the information button next to your world level. 

You can then lower your world level this way. Another way to be prepared when it comes to ascending is by taking advantage of your elemental reactions when creating a party. A Perma-freeze comp like Ayaka and Xingqiu can help immobilize enemies and prevent damage. 

One last tip, you do not need to feel pressured to ascend. You can stay on a lower world level if you do not feel prepared. Lastly, you can always try to do co-op until you feel ready to take on more challenging bosses. 

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