V Rising – How to Craft Silk

Unlocking the recipe and crafting silk.

In V Rising, Silk is a very important item that the player will often find as an ingredient in many crafting recipes. With high necessity (particularly in end game) and limited ways to obtain, the player can easily find himself short on silk. While it can drop in the west zone from chests, barrels, containers, the drop rate is pretty low and unreliable, making crafting it practically the only viable way to stock on your silk supplies.

 To be able to craft silk, the player must first defeat Beatrice in order to unlock the blueprint to craft Loom and the recipe for Cloth. Because her location can vary, the player should approach the Blood Altar in order to track Beatrice’s location, instead.

After defeating Beatrice, the play must next defeat Ungora, the Spider Queen to unlock the recipe for crafting Silk. Ungora is a considerably tough boss with a variety of AoE attacks, but the player can defeat her with perfected timings.

Now with Ungola defeated and all the necessary recipes unlocked. The player can now approach the Loom in order to craft Silk. The ingredients for crafting Silk are 4 Clothes, 4 Silkworms, and 8 Highland Lotuses.

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