Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Spirit Carp Turn In Location

Every location in Genshin Impact has some sort of award and offering system. In Chenyu Vale, players can collect Spirit Carps and turn them in for rewards and primogems.

If you’ve gotten access to Chenyu Vale and have started collecting these Spirit Carps found around the map, you can start to exchange them at Rainjade Oblation. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to unlock the Spirit Carp turn in location in Update 4.4.

How To Unlock the Spirit Carp Turn In Location

To unlock the Rainjade Oblation, players have to complete 3 connected quests and a separate world quest. This is to fulfill all the prerequisites to get the Clouded Padded Path To The Chiwang Repose. This quest is what’s going to give you access to the Spirit Carp to the turn in location. 

I’ll talk about these quests in more detail below.

Still from the Scattered Adeptal Fragment quest.

Complete the Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain

This is the first quest you have to finish. This is a really easy world quest to finish because it serves as an introduction to Chenyu Vale. 

To start the quest, just enter the Chenyu Vale region and have a conversation with the Adeptus Fujin. You will get access to the Adeptal Energy mechanism and can now interact with puzzles and mechanics in Chenyu Vale. 

SIDE NOTE: Read our dedicated guide on Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain here to get the full comprehensive guide for this quest!

Once you finish this quest, you will get access to the second quest you need to finish.

A still of the Votive Rainjade.

Complete the Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu 

The Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu quest is the second sub-quest you have to finish.

Here, players will have to solve a few puzzles as they explore Chenyu Vale. There will be a stone shrine puzzle in Jademouth, and players will have to collect Scattered Adeptal Energy in Chenlong Cleft.

You can read more about what this quest has in store in our dedicated Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade Guide, but the gist of this mission is that there is a tea problem in the valley, and (as usual) the Traveler is the only one who can stop it.

Finishing this quest will unlock the last quest needed to get to the Rainjade Oblation.

A still from the Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu quest.

Complete the An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade

This third quest is the next in a series of quests under Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade plot line. Now, players follow in Little Mao’s footsteps and we get closer to revealing just who his Adeptus friend is.

In this quest, there will be only one puzzle that you have to solve, which includes collecting Spirit Orbs scattered across Mt. Xuanlian. Players can turn these orbs at the Pavilion for a Golden Carp reward too.

Apart from this puzzle, the quest is fairly straightforward. There will be a boss fight with Lingyuan but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you’re done with this quest, you’ll be close to unlocking the Spirit Carp turn in location.

Progress through A Wangshan Walk to Remember

This last quest will be another lengthy questline, but luckily you only need to finish the introduction quest to get the turn in location.

Here, you will need to head to Huang the Third in Yilong Wharf. This quest is where players can unlock the fabled secrets of the Guhua Clan, and you can check out our comprehensive guide to the Wangshan Walk to Remember quest here.

The trials in this quest are really simple, and don’t require any preparation. Once you’re done, you’re almost there!

Finish The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose

Now that you’ve finished all 3 quests, you’re done with the prerequisites for the Rainjade Oblation

Head to Chiwang Terrace and enter Carp’s Rest. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, we have a dedicated guide on how to Unlock Carp’s Rest here!

Still from the epilogue.

Once you enter, go through the dialogue with Lingyuan and use your Adeptal Energy on the Votive Rainjade. Talk to Fujin and you will unlock the Rainjade Oblation.

NOTE: For those who are experiencing issues because they completed the ‘Wangshang Walk to Remember’ quest before obtaining Chenyu’s Blessing of Sacred Jade, simply skip a day in-game, and the quest should load properly.

Congratulations! You can now turn in your Spirit Carps here. There are 50 Spirit Carps scattered around the map, so try and find them all to get all the rewards.


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