Genshin Impact: New Lisa Outfit Quest | Second Blooming

Get the new cool Lisa & pass the challenge by using this guide!

Another new patch and update mean another set of challenges as well as things to unlock. In this guide, we are going to show you the New Lisa Outfit quest that you can get in the Second Blooming questline. We will guide you step by step from the beginning until the very end challenge of it. Let’s get started.

New Lisa Outfit Quest | Second Blooming – Genshin Impact

Quest Starting Location

This is the location where you will need to come to be able to actually start the quest line. As you can see in the picture above, you need to head to Sumeru City and then proceed to move to the east part of it.

Once you get to this location you will find the NPC by the name of Effendi. Interact or talk to him to start the quest.

Find & Enter Puspa Cafe

Your next objective will be to go to the Puspa Cafe which will be just nearby from Effendi. You can follow the shining stars on the road or just look at the mini-map in the picture above.

Once you get inside the Cafe you will have a very long sequence of talking. You are going to find Lisa inside this Cafe and just choose whatever you think is the best option for interaction since it won’t make a difference.

Once you talk long enough you will be presented with the lore and background of this quest and then you will be required to head to your next destination.

Go To Mawtiyima Forest

You are going to need to exit the Cafe and open up the world map to be able to fast travel to the Mawtiyima Forest which will be to the northeast of the town that you are located in to find Lisa. You need to go to the marked location on the map.

Once you get here you can find Gafoor, another NPC and you shall need to talk to him. There will be a blue gate that will appear and you shall need to enter it to go through the challenge.

My Name Is Violet

You need to enter the challenge that will be given to you and we recommend that you stick with this setup of characters as they are the most versatile and can do the best in this challenge.

The challenge is simple. Here is a breakdown of the details of the challenge:

  • Defeat all the enemies within a certain time
  • There will be 3 Rounds
  • Defeat a total of 43 enemies

They will keep coming at you and stronger and bigger. Just use your attacking AoE skills to take them down.

Once you complete the challenge go into the menu of My Name Is Violet and just claim the rewards from it. This is how you can get the new Lisa Outfit.


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