Genshin Impact: One Hundred Sights of Dihua | Eight Locales Over Mountains & Seas Event Day 5

Show Kichiboushi around in the Dihua Marsh in Liyue!

Kichiboushi is an adorable tanuki that would like to learn more about the unique sights and Teyvat. Even though he calls it training, it is your duty to show him around the region. This guide will show you how you can complete the 5th day of the event.

One Hundred Sights of Dihua – Genshin Impact

Start by getting the quest on the event page and using the teleport waypoint in the Bishui Plain in Liyue.

Take a photo of Kichiboushi near the teleport waypoint and glide down to the next quest area. When you reach the area near the tent, you will see that Kichiboushi is being attacked.

Defeat the Hilichurls attacking Kichiboushi and head south to the next area near the fishing spot. Start fishing in the area and talk to Kichiboushi. You will teach him how to fish, but in the end, you will play in the water instead.

It will be nighttime after you finish playing in the water and this will complete the quest.

You will get 30 Primogems, 2 Guide to Diligence, and 3 Mist Veiled Mercury as a reward.

Still at Day 4 with this quest? Read this to know how to “train” Kichiboushi in Mt. Hulao.

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