Genshin Impact: Snowswept Fairytale Dragonspine | Eight Locales Over Mountains & Seas Event

Help Ioroi train Kichiboushi in the Dragonspine area!

Genshin Impact has a new event called Eight Locales over Mountains and Seas. This even focuses on Kichiboushi, and it is your job to bring him to different places in Teyvat to train. This guide will show you how you can complete the Snowswept Fairytale event.

Snowswept Fairytale Guide – Genshin Impact

Go to the event page and select the Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas Event to meet Kichiboushi. You will see that the very first challenge at the event is called the Snowswept Mountain. Click on Get quest to start the event.

Teleport to the Statue of Seven in the Dragonspine area and go to the quest area. Follow Kichiboushi down the mountain until you reach the broken wooden bridge next to a tree. Attack the torch and fly across the gap in the mountain.

Attack the ice mound next to the heating mechanism then follow him up the mountain.

Talk to Kichiboushi and take a photo of Kichiboushi posing next to the sealed boars. Fight and defeat the Snowboar King that will then appear.

Talk to Kichiboushi again then go to the quest area in Chinju Forest.

Report back to Ioroi to complete the quest and get 30 Primogems.

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