Genshin Impact: Pass The Three Trials Guide

Complete all the Trials!

Pass The Three Trials Guide - Genshin Impact

The new zone that got added to the amazing world of Genshin Impact holds many secrets and trials that you’ll need to finish in order to progress through it. In this guide, we will be talking about how to complete and Pass all of the three Trials in Khaj. Let’s get started.

Pass The Three Trials Guide – Genshin Impact

There are in total of three trials that you will need to complete and get through in order to be able to fully enter the new Khaj pyramid. They are not all that hard but still, you will need to go through a bit of time and effort.

First Trial

You will see zaps once you get near the edge. So you will have to walk all the way to the edge and then use the zap to get to the other side and much closer to the trials themselves. Make sure that you do not fall down because it will result in your death.

Once you get inside the small temple building there will be a structure that you can interact with. Simply walk to it and activate it

You will spot a big hole on the right of the structure that you can activate. You will need to enter it and jump through it. Now here is the catch. There will be tons of invisible walls here. So when falling down you will want to GLIDE at all times. Otherwise, you will keep dying and dying.

You will need to go lower and lower. There is no clear pattern that we can tell you in order to help you out. It is invisible and you will simply have to zig-zag to the left and right until you finally get out of the labyrinth.

There will be a second floor or floating invisible wall under you too. So pass through it again and then activate the structure at the bottom. This is how you pass the first trial. You will get a cutscene and now you’ll have to go to the other two trial locations.

Second Trial

This is the trial that is right under the middle structure. You will just have to the otherside or behind the main structure and then jump under it. While under you will spot a big gate that you’ll need to enter.

Inside you will see another structure next to the statue that you will need to activate. Once activated you will go to the right side and enter the big open hole that has an air passage on it. Jump inside of it without gliding because it will fly you up.

There will be a blue floating bubble that you will need to follow. It will be taking you through the roads in this labyrinth and open up doors for you.

At one point you will come to two cells that you will need to rotate. The key here is to just rotate it until the laser will be pointed at the wall. Once this happens you will go to the left rotation device and simply activate it.

Once you get through the door you will actually find a very valuable chest with lots of rewards. Loot it up and start taking down the enemies that will be inside.

Once you take them down you will need to step up on the tile square here. Once you walk on it it will get activated and spawn yet another rotation device. Now you will have to connect the last laser line with this one. There will be a door that will appear on the left side. You can walk through it to get to the other side.

Once here you will find yet another hole to enter. Enter it and defeat the enemy shown here. Then open up this door.

Inside you will find a chest and an item that you will need to pick up to open up a certain door that was right under the hole that you just jumped through. This item is the Keystone. Once you have it go back to where you dropped from the hole and open the other door.

Inside you’ll find yet another rotation device. In this door, you will find yet another Keystone. Pick it up because you’ll need it. You can activate the Cell here but you won’t be able to go through it.

So now you will need to walk all the way back to where you found your first keystone and then open up this door with the other keystone.

Now here you will walk on top of the square tile to open up yet another rotation device. Once opened you will see that the whole wall will disappear and one laser will attach to the other one.

Now go back to where you weren’t able to cross through the invisible wall because you will be able to do this now.

Then from there you will go to the middle of this room and activate the mechanism to pass the trial. One last trial to pass!

Third Trial

The third Trial is the one on the very top of the Khaj location. You will enter the temple and then Operate with the structure. It will drop a piece next to it. Pick it up – Sacred Seal Ceremony. There will be a hole on the left this time. Jump through it.

There will be enemies once you land at the bottom so be ready for a fight. Once you take them down you will need to go another level lower. This is where the hole will be this time.

Defeat all the enemies once again. Now just activate the structure that is in the middle of the room and you will have passed the Trial.

That completes all of the Three Trials. We hope that this guide was useful and helped you complete all 3 of them. Good luck!

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