Genshin Impact: Enter Khaj-Nisut Guide

Where to find and how to Enter the Khaj Nisut?!

Genshin Impact has gotten probably the most interesting part of the map with the most recent update! It is a desert looking type of area with lots of very mystical and secretive places to explore. In this guide, we will be showing you where to find the Khaj Nisut on the map as well as how to Enter it. Let’s get started.

Enter Khaj-Nisut Guide – Genshin Impact

This is the map location of the new and very amazing Khaj Nisut. It is definitely one of the most interesting areas in the new desert area that was recently introduced to Genshin Impact. To get here you will simply have to walk your way from the Ashavan Realm and you can easily see it.

To enter it you won’t be looking for a big entrance of something of the sort. Instead, there will be a small mechanism structure in the middle of it. It looks like this:

Once you get near it you can hit the Activate Button to get inside. A very cool-looking cutscene will start showing with statues. They will get activated and all 3 of them will shoot lasers toward the middle of the desert. Now you will get the big pyramid structure appearing. This is how you’ll see the Khaj Nisut.

After this cutscene, there will be a slight loading screen too. Now in front of you shall be the Khaj-Nisut. You will need to use the zaps that are given and placed here to get as close to it as possible.

There will be tons of zaps that you need to use. So while using one zap you will quickly transfer to another zap. You need to be fast because if you start falling down you can actually die. There is a big hole underneath you which is deadly. There will be a total of 3 zaps that you need to use in total to get to the Khaj.

Once you get there you will spot a small structure mechanism on the left of the gate. Simply activate it and you’ll open the big door of the Khaj Nisut.

That is it! This is how you enter the Khaj Nisut. There will be a cutscene that will explain a bit about the lore of the place so don’t go skipping out on it.

We hope that this guide was helpful and showed you not only where the Khaj Nisut is but also how to find it and how to enter it. Have fun getting inside of it and completing all of its quests!

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