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Dying Light 2: Oak Windmill Location & Solution

Activate the Oak Windmill in the Quarry End area!

You can find windmills all over the map in Dying Light 2. But what does it do, exactly? Reactivating windmills across the map can create Safe Zones for you. However, they do require some puzzle-solving and parkouring to reactivate them.

Oak Windmill Guide – Dying Light 2

The Oak Windmill is one of the windmills that you can find in the Quarry End. You can find it in the central part of the area and activating it can give you rewards and create a safe zone.

You can see the location of the windmill in the photo below.

Head to the windmill and jump across the gap to reach the platform with the windmill. Climb the platform to your left then wait for the metal platform to go down. When it is near you, jump across the platform and wait for it to go up.

Once you are up, jump across the wooden ledge on the other side. Climb up the platform with the yellow cloth and go to the left side of the platform. Wait for the metal ledge to go down then jump on it.

Ride it up then jump on the platform with the yellow cloth again. Turn right and you will see a small wooden plank that leads to the backside of the windmill.

Climb the ladder here and you should reach the top of the windmill.

Now, reactivate the Oak Windmill to create a safe zone in this area.

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