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Genshin Impact: Spectral Secrets Keep Our Island Secure Guide | Swarm of Specters

Protect Inazuma from Specters!

A swarm of Specters is showing up in Inazuma, causing alarm to its townsfolk and people. Katheryne asks for you and your teammates’ help to protect the Island.

Begin The Event

Go to Katheryne in Inazuma and go to the Spectral Secrets tab. You will see an area that requires preliminary investigation called “Keep our Island Secure”. Conduct a preliminary investigation to begin the event.

Event Location

You need to complete the “Swarm of Specters” quest before you can unlock the area. Teleport to the Araumi Island waypoint and bring any Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo character with you.

Charging The Lamp

Summon the Electroganum in the area and light up the three lamps to summon the specters. Below is the location of the three lamps:

  • North of the thunder sakura bough.
  • East of the thunder sakura bough, behind a shrub and a rock.
  • On top of the pillar.

After charging the three lamps, specters will appear and you have to defeat 8 specters to complete the event. Go back to Katheryne and you will see that the area is now unlocked.

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