Genshin Impact: The Saga of Mr. Forgetful Guide

Take a photo of the Murals for Roald!

You can get this world quest the day after you complete the Octave of the Maushiro quest in Tsurumi Island. You will need to wait for the daily reset before you can get this quest. Completing this quest will reward you with Primogems and Furniture Blueprints.

Activating the Quest

Once you are done with the Octave of Maushiro and wait for the next server reset. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Tsurumi Island and go South until you see an NPC called Roald. Talk to him to start the quest and he will ask you to bring him 10 Flourescent Fungus. After giving him the fungus, he will ask you to go take a photo of the murals on the island. 

Take a Photo of the 6 Murals

You need to take a photo of the 6 Murals on the island. First, teleport to the Shirikoro Peak Waypoint. 

  1. Head north until you reach the underground area. Go northeast and you will see a wall, use your peculiar pinion gadget to destroy the wall. Keep going until you reach the location. Once you are on the location, face your Kamera upwards and take a photo. 
  2. From the 1st location, go southeast, near the fire torches. Take a photo of the mural on the wall. 
  3. From the second mural, go south. The third mural is next to the torch puzzle as well. Take a photo of the mural on the right-side wall. 
  4. From the third mural, keep on heading west until you reach the last room. All three remaining murals are here. Take a photo of all 3 of them to complete the quest. 

Complete the Quest

Go back to the Tsurumi Statue of Seven and talk to Roald to finish the quest. You will receive a Furniture Blueprint and 20 Primogems. You will also get the achievement called “My life as an Adventurer”. 

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