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Become the most influential civilization in the world!

One of the most important things in Humankind is influence. Without influence, you can’t do most of the things you will want to do in this game. Basic commands like constructing a city, an outpost or other buildings are not possible without influence. So how do you get this ambiguous resource? This guide will show you exactly how to excel in this turn based strategy game and get the most important resource there is!

How To Gain & Increase Influence – Humankind

In the beginning of the game there are two possible ways of getting influence:

  • Finding Curiosities

  • Hunting Animals

To collect curiosities, you just have to walk on them with your troops. The curiosities are the tiles that shine. They will give you more things than just influence, so you should get them either way.

Hunting animals is pretty easy, you just have to attack the animals that you see and defeat them. Bigger and stronger animals give you more influence, but usually it won’t be worth it.

These two ways of getting influence will only work in the Neolithic era. Once you’ve evolved into the Ancient era, you won’t get any influence from doing those things.

The way you gain influence from here on out is building cities and holy sites. If you don’t know how to build a city, here is a different guide that will show you how to do it.

As you can see below, cities offer you influence based on your population.

At some point in the game, you will also found a religion, that will give you +5 influence per turn, and that will offer you the chance to build holy sites, which give you even more influence.

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