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Genshin Impact: What Difference Does This Make Achievement Guide

Collecting stones to make a difference, a new achievement!

To get the achievement What Difference Does This Make, you will need to perform several tasks beforehand. Here, we will explain how to do so.

What Difference Does This Make Achievement – Guide Genshin Impact

We will start the quest in Dainichi Mikoshi, here you need to find the locations of the three stones and sit on them.

First, go to the central part of Dainichi Mikoshi. When you are in front of the big building, go down from the left side of the balcony and find the opening in the wall on the right side.

Inside you will find the stone, sit on it and talk to Kabayama. This will prompt the quest.

  • The first stone is located at the Evernight Temple in the western rocky area. The location is marked exactly on the map below.
  • The second Kabayama stone is located south of Dainichi Mikoshi. You can find it next to the tree with a lantern. 
  • Lastly, the third Kabayama stone is in the north of The Narrows, in front of the big stone pillar with a lantern. 

After collecting all three, go back to the starting place where you talked to Kabayama. Report your progress to him and you will get a chest as a reward.

Another easy quest if I may say so. You just need to take note of the locations from the details above.  

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