Genshin Impact: Go To The Library & Talk To Enjou

A trip to the library this time is a bit tricky. Wait for us there, Enjou!

At the Narrows, you have a quest where you have to go to the library to talk to Enjou. Here in this article, we will explain how to get there.

Go To The Library & Talk To Enjou: Genshin Impact

The location that you need to go to will be marked on the map so it may be easy but the path going there can be a little complicated.

You start the quest in the north of the Narrows. From this room turn left and follow the road, get off the balcony and climb the wall in front of you.

Then, go straight and when you get out the door, climb the wall on the right. Then climb the big rock wall and continue to the right.

Afterwards, you will run into a wall like the previous ones, climb it, and take teleport to the top of the cliff.

Finally, glide in front of the paved entrance to the library in front of you. Get inside and here you will find Enjou.

Talk to him and that will end this quest.

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