Ghosts of Tabor: Complete Beginner’s Guide

It’s tough out there, so use these tips to survive!

Extraction Shooters is all the craze these days and it all started with games like Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Tarkov. Now there’s a lot of different games out there from the casual Extraction Shooter which is Call of Duty Warzone DMZ to the Sci-fi themed ones like The Cycle: Frontier. Now the genre is invading the VR space with the newest game Ghosts of Tabor. For those who want to try out the game, in this guide we’ll show you some tips and tricks so that you can be ready in playing this new Extraction VR Shooter game! Now let’s get started!

Complete Beginner’s Guide For Ghosts of Tabor

Ghost of Tabor is an extraction shooter, and usually in the genre there’s a big learning curve that every player needs to go through. With these tips it can help you overcome this learning curve faster so let’s see what you can do to get started!

Don’t Be Scared To Lose

Don’t get attached to your weapons, you’re going to lose them all one day so might as well use it. Don’t just leave a weapon in your stash and never use it, it’s just a waste! If you want really want to be careful then take my advice that I learned from EVE Online, only go out with things you can afford to lose. You can bring that gun with you, you already 2 of them!

Movement and Camera

Since this is a VR game we highly suggest that you get used to playing VR first, get your sea legs out of here and get used to the movement. I highly suggest you set the game to not go full body and just go with arms and hands since your body might block things that you want to reach when you crouch down.

Trader Levels

Traders in Ghosts of Tabor have levels, from Level 1 to 4 to be exact. When you reach Level 4 with a trader they’ll offer their full range of stuff for you to buy. Don’t forget about leveling your traders since it really opens up the game and gives you more options, just as long as you have some cash with you!

Squad Up

It’s better with friends, that’s true with all games and also gives you a tacitcal advantage! Group up with your friends or even with other people online. When you squad up with your friends there’s going to be a glowstick on their hip, though don’t rely on that too much since it can be obscured. Communication is the key to not getting hit with your friends bullets!

Learn the Audio

Not just shooting and knowing the map but learning Audio cues can literally save your life in the game. The sound of AI walking and running around is always the same compared to players who can be erratic. Also know what kind of material they’re running on like metal surfaces so you can easily deduce where they’re coming from.

Do Naked Runs

No not like that, put your pants back on! If you know the maps and are pretty sneaky, you can go into a raid with the cheapest backpack and vest and scavenge for loot. It’s a great way to save money just as long as you actually survive, don’t go for gunfights unless you really need to and focus on looting and extracting!

Mute your Mic

By default your headset mic will be on, turn it off immediately! This is the easiest way to tell the enemies where you are, although if you do hear someone who didn’t mute their mic then feel free to remind them with your bullets. Remember what Sun Tzu said, don’t interrupt an enemy when they’re making a mistake!

Congratulations, you now know some great tips when playing Ghosts of Tabor, hopefully this is enough to help you start off your journey into the game!

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