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I am now moving on to MCU movie titles, starting with Captain America: The First Gun (Yes, I’m going to do this chronologically).

We are now reaching part 15 of the gunsmith tasks that are, admittedly, getting harder to complete. The last gun required the completion of a raid, which is a very difficult game mode in Escape From Tarkov (and other games, of course). But, we will not let that stop us, as the requirements may get more difficult, the rewards become even better.

In this guide, we will be focusing on customizing and modifying the gun required to turn in for the 15th gunsmith task from the mechanic.

Escape From Tarkov – Mechanic Task Guide

Customize an AS VAL Special Assault Rifle

We have here a very special assault rifle called the AS VAL. This one is special because the gun has an integrated assault rifle, making it perfect for stealth missions. But we’re going to make it even better.

Here are the parts you need:

  • AS VAL Rotor 43 Pistol Grip and Buffer Tube Mechanic LL2 (Barter)
  • FAB Defense GL-Shock Buttstock Mechanic LL2 (Barter) / Skier LL4
  • 9×39 SR3M.130 30 Round Magazine Prapor LL3 (Barter) / Prapor LL4
  • VSS / VAL TOZ 6P29M Mount Jaeger LL3

  • VSS / VAL Zenit B-3 Ring Mount Skier LL3
  • VSS / VAL Zenit B-3 Mount Combo Mechanic LL3
  • AN / PEQ-15 Tactical Device Peacekeeper LL3 / Skier LL4
  • NSPU-M Night Vision Scope Prapor LL1

With the newly decked-out AS VAL in your possession, we can now turn in the gun and get some sweet rewards.

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