GPO: Best Fighting Style in Update 9

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Grand Piece Online Best Fighting Style

There’s plenty of things to keep you going in Grand Piece Online’s newest update. Now you have more balance changes, and you also have two whole new fighting styles to mess around with.  These styles will be Dullahan and Vampire.

Since there’s plenty of choices to make, it can be quite difficult to figure out which fighting style is currently the best. Keep on reading the guide below and see if the two new fighting styles get to go on the top!

Best Fighting Style in Update 9

Grand Piece Online now has a total of 10 fighting styles with the addition of Dullahan and Vampire. What we’ll be looking for is a mix of good combo extenders, damage output, and maybe even a few guard breaks.

Having the best fighting style means having all of the god tier fruits the game has in stock. You can become even stronger with the fighting style of your choice by checking out our best fruit tier list for Update 9.

Grand Piece Online Best Fighting Style

One of the new fighting styles that came with the new Halloween Update is the Dullahan. Dullahan is an excellent fighting style for both PvE and PvP.

The amount of ground you can cover with grab is insane if you want to close the distance between you and your opponent.

Not only that but the grab move also applies a damage multiplier for a few seconds. Most of the skills have a pretty low cooldown as well.

Grand Piece Online Dullahan Fighting Style

Head Throw is a very fast move and does a decent amount of damage. It’s a pretty mandatory move to see as well if you know what a Dullahan actually is in folklore. So it’s nice that you can go bowling with it every once in a while.

What makes this great for PvE are the skeletons you summon with Resurrection. The ultimate however, leaves much more to be desired.

Grand Piece Online Dullahan Fighting Style

Dullahan is great but the no. 1 spot for best fighting style goes to Cyborg. Cyborg by far has the best PvP and PvE abilities and is the only style that has flight.

To make flight even better, you also have the ability to heal yourself wherever you want. This includes being able to heal while you’re up in the air.

What makes this fighting style for great grinding is the Missile Shower. From the name, alone you would already know what to expect.

It fires a barrage of missiles that covers a large area and deals 2000 damage. That’s nearly the same amount of damage lesser ultimates is able to do!

Grand Piece Online Cyborg Fighting Style

Cyborg fighting style can do it all in Grand Piece Online.  Try out this versatile fighting style for yourself and see how it handles!

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