GPO: How to Find & Fight Santa (Free Presents – Iceborn Daggers)

Where can you find Santa in GPO, and how do you beat him?

Grand Piece Online is a One Piece-inspired Roblox experience featuring various challenges that you can participate in. With the latest Christmas-themed update for 2023, the developers added a Santa Claus boss to the game that players can hunt down for all kinds of rewards.

Let’s quickly go through the steps you need to follow in order to find and beat him.

How to Find & Fight Santa (Free Presents – Iceborn Daggers)

There are many ways to get presents during the holiday event, which also doubles as the game’s anniversary celebration, and one of them is simply finding Santa and beating him up for them.

GPO presents

He is not a traditional boss as he doesn’t exactly fight back. Instead, you will have to chase him down and attack him until he drops presents over the ocean.

Finding him is simple. Just look for the Christmas Tree icon on your compass and follow it.

Santa roams around the map, so you will have to keep a close eye on which direction the icon is going and the distance it displays.

GPO Santa compass

Once you find him flying around in the air, simply go up to him and start attacking him until he drops some gifts over the sea. Then, just open the boxes for random rewards!

The presents that he drops can give you one of the following items, which have varying rarities:

  • SP Reset Essence – Common
  • Dark Root – Rare
  • Festive Merry Dress – Epic
  • Frosty Festive Dress – Epic
  • Iceborn Daggers – Legendary
  • Iceborn Rapier – Legendary
  • Iceborn Blade – Legendary

This version of Santa cannot be killed, so if you aren’t satisfied with what he dropped, feel free to keep chasing him down and hitting him for more gifts.

GPO hitting Santa

Make sure to bring a ship with you, as you will have to find a way to stand over water in order to pick up everything that he drops.

And that is everything you need to know about the new flying Santa boss in Grand Piece Online. Start grinding him until you get all the legendary weapons that he can drop before he leaves the game for good!

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