GPO: How To Get 60 Gifts on Anniversary Event

Pick up all the gifts! Now open them for loot!

GPO: How To Get 60 Gifts on Anniversary Event

Grand Piece Online is celebrating its Anniversary Event! During this event, you can collect Gifts that give you unique, event-limited items upon opening.

It is important that you try to obtain as many Gifts as you can to maximize the resources you earn. In this guide, we will show you how you can get up to 60 Gifts each run!

How To Get 60 Gifts on Anniversary Event

By completing the Anniversary Event Dungeon, each player can receive up to 3 Gifts per run. This number multiplies up to 20 people, which is the maximum number of players this dungeon can hold.

However, it is not so easy to find up to 20 players to form a party. This is when the Roblox Account Manager comes in handy. This lets you use your alts to join games with you.

If your computer is not highly invested, joining with multiple can cause FPS issues. In this case, you can ask your friends to use the software and join with their alts, which will also work greatly.

GPO Alts

When you first join, make sure you drown all of your alts (Yes, throw them in the water!). This is because the final boss will have its health scale based on how many players that are still alive.

Drowning your alts can lower the boss’ health, making it easier for you and your teammates to defeat it in a short amount of time.

GPO Drown

The rules for the dungeon are simple, you’ll be collecting presents and putting them in the desired slots. After a short while, the final boss will spawn and you will need to defeat it.

GPO Gifts

The Supreme Giftbox, Rocky will be the final boss that you fight. Depending on how strong you and your teammates are, it will take you around 5 minutes to fully defeat the boss.

GPO Gift

Once defeated, the gift box boss will explode, dropping all the presents. You can then pick up all the gifts and add them to your inventory.

Make sure you empty your inventory first before doing the dungeon, or you will have to skip some presents since your inventory is full.

Another option is that you can keep one or two alts alive then use them to collect the presents.

SIDE NOTE: You can also check out this cheese strat on how to easily beat the Anniversary Dungeon!

GPO Gifts

That’s how you can get 60 Gifts on the Anniversary Event in GPO! Being able to collect more gifts means that you will have a higher chance of unlocking rare items from the presents. The gifts have a chance of giving you a weapon, so try to get that when the event is still ongoing!

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