GPO: How to Get Kamishiki Roku V2 Location & Requirements

How can you get this new fighting style in Grand Piece Online?

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox game that is mainly based on the popular One-Piece franchise, and despite being relatively old, it is still regularly updated with new stuff. In the latest patch, they released all kinds of content, including a new fighting style called Kamishiki, which is an upgraded version of an existing one. In this guide, we will briefly be showing you how to unlock it!

How to Get Kamishiki Roku V2 Location & Requirements

In order to get the Kamishiki Roku V2 fighting style, all you need to do is travel to Sett’s Arena in the second sea. This is located in the northwest, so follow the tag in your compass and either fly or sail towards that place.

Once you arrive, make sure to set your spawn there and possibly even buy the Eternal Pose if you haven’t already. This will make it easier to make your way back in case something happens.

GPO player sailing towards sett's arena

After setting your spawn location, make your way through the gate and climb up the large building at the end of the zone. Up top, you will find an NPC named Tatter standing on top of the railing.

By speaking with her while having the Rokushiki fighting style equipped, she will offer to teach you the upgraded version in exchange for a Soul King’s Guitar.

This weapon, which will disappear from your inventory after giving it to the NPC, can be found as a reward from killing the boss Brook with a 1% drop chance.

Since you lose the guitar upon learning the fighting style, it is heavily advised to only get the fighting style if you have a quick way to get another piece. This is because the Soul King’s Guitar is generally considered to be way more valuable than Kamishiki Roku V2 at the moment.

GPO player about to interact with Tatter

Kamishiki (Roku V2) Abilities

This new fighting style provides you with an improved version of Rokushiki’s moves, with a few extras added on top of that. These are the following:

  • True Rokuogan (C Move) – The user teleports to and grabs the target. You will then charge up a beam of energy that will deal a ton of damage and send them flying off into the distance.
  • Counter Kick (X Move) – As the name implies, this is a counter ability that works in melee range.
  • True Rankakyu (Z Move) – The user charges up and fires a series of crescent-shaped projectiles. Has a decently long range.
  • Instant Soru (T Move) – Instantly teleports the user to wherever the mouse cursor is pointed.
  • Absolute Tekkai (R Move) – A defensive ability that lasts for a few seconds. Seemingly nullifies most damage received while it is active.
  • Shigan Barrage (E Move) – The user lets out a barrage of forward punches that stuns the target throughout the move.

One thing to note about this fighting style is that players have been reporting that you cannot use a fruit alongside it. Whether or not this drawback is worth it will be up to you, so just keep that in mind if you are trying to unlock this style.

GPO player using the true rokuogan ability

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about this new fighting style that was recently added in the game. While you’re here, consider taking a quick peek at our guide on how to get Fishman V2 & Abyssal Karate Style in Grand Piece Online, as this is another good option if you are leaning towards being a fighting style main.


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