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Jade The Vampire Hunter Location – V Rising

Take the Vampire Hunter down!

Unlike most RPGs where you take down villains as a hero, V Rising takes a different twist. In V Rising, you live as a vampire, feeding on enemies and humans. This guide will show you where you can find Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising. 

Jade the Vampire Hunter Location – V Rising

It is only natural as a Vampire to have Vampire Hunters after you. However, seeking out and defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter can give you multiple rewards and powerful resources. Use the Blood Altar to start tracking Jade the Vampire Hunter. 

Jade is a wandering boss, which makes her unique compared to others. However, her route is between the Dunley Farmlands and Farbane Woods. Be sure to walk around and take a look between these locations. 

After engaging Jade, she will use her pistols to fire projectiles at you. Make sure you avoid her targeted attack because it can damage you heavily. The best way to fight against Jade the Vampire Hunter is to go behind her and avoid her shots. 

Once you defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter, you will unlock the Primal Blood Essence, which is one of the most important resources in the game. 

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