GPO: How To Get New Ace & Yoru Location

Time to get new mythical weapons!

GPO How To Get New Ace & Yoru Location

Some games lock gear behind different mechanics, like levels or story progression, and even bosses. It’s up to the player to learn where you can find specific gear for your builds. When new updates drop along with new weapons, you should know where to find them!

In Grand Piece Online, two new bosses in the game can drop two mythic weapons for your character. They spawn in a new island that’s been added by the recent update and you should know where it is to get those weapons!

In this guide, we’ll show you where you can get the new Ace and Yoru weapons in Grand Piece Online. Now, let’s see where we can get these two new mythic items!

How To Get New Ace & Yoru Location

There are a lot of different weapons that you can get in GPO and most of them you’ll get as drops. Some of them are easy to get, while others of higher rarity might take a bit more grinding. For the new Ace and Yoru weapons, you’ll need to look for the location and try to grind for it since it has a low drop chance!

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Here are the steps we’ll be taking to get the new Ace & Yoru weapons:

  1. Start in the Rose Kingdom Island in the Second Sea.
  2. Head to the Northeast from the Rose Kingdom until you get to the new Umi Island.
  3. Wait for Roger or Hawk Eye to spawn every 2 hours.
  4. Obtain the Ace or Yoru from the boss drops!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

The new Ace and Yoru Location can be found in the new Umi Island. To get to this island, you’ll want to start from the Rose Kingdom Island and head northeast. After sailing or flying for a while, you’ll find this small square island as shown below.

GPO Umi Island
Keep an eye for this island!

This is the island where the new Roger and Hawk Eye bosses spawn. These bosses spawn every 2 hours in real-time, so if you’re farming them make sure to keep that in mind.

Both Ace and Yoru are mythical tier swords and can drop from Roger and Hawk Eye respectively. They both have a 0.5% chance to drop, so you might need some grinding a bit of luck to get both of them!

GPO Roger Boss
The new boss can be tough to beat!

Both mythical weapons have 4 different moves that you can test out once you get them. There is a way to cheese the Roger boss by just hopping on top of the pillars at the corners of the island. From there, you can attack Rogers down below with ranged attacks so if you want an easy fight try that!

That’s the location where you can find both the Ace and Yoru weapons in Grand Piece Online. Now, go out there and grind those bosses to get them! If you want to do trading in the game check out our How To Get Rich & Best Trading Guide for some tips and tricks!


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