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GPO: How To Spawn New Meglodon Boss Guide

GPO: How To Spawn New Meglodon Boss Guide

GPO or Grand Piece Online is a seafaring Roblox game inspired by the shounen One Piece.  This is where you can treasure hunt, scavenge for rare goods, explore the unknown of the sea and discover lands, eat exotic fruits that can give you a boost of power, challenge bosses and much more!

If you’ve been keeping up with the game updates, you may have heard about the new bosses that dropped. One of them is Meglodon and here I’ll show you how to spawn this boss. 

How To Spawn New Meglodon Boss Guide

You’ll need to do a couple of things before you can get to the new Megloton Boss. more specifically, you’ll need to lure him in with shark blood so you can have a battle with him. 

I’ll show you all the steps you need to do from obtaining the shark blood to spawning the Megloton boss

  1. Go to Foro Island.
  2. Buy a Shark Blood Bottle Blueprint.
  3. Head to a blacksmith and craft the Shark Blood Bottle.
  4. Go to the rough waters to summon the Megloton Boss

Let’s go into the details of each of these steps and how to complete them. 

Head To The Foro Island

First things first, you need to head to Foro Island. This island is located in the second seas, south from Thriller Bark

Player Travelling in the seas in GPO.

While heading there, you would want to equip your thriller bark pose as well, so you cna make it to the island with the blueprint that spawns the Meglodon boss. It is essentially the blueprint to create the blood item that lures the boss to you. 

Keep going straight to thriller bark and keep your eyes to the right side of the seas in case you spot an island. 

If you see a small gray block, that is what you’re looking for. 

Player stopping by an island in GPO.

To the right side, you’ll see the island so just head toward it. Note that you need to have no double fruit to go under. Once that’s taken care of, swim underneath the gray block. The blueprint will be the first thing you’ll see when you reach down there.

It can be identified with a T. Defeat any sharks nearby and head over to the blueprint. You can click on it and you’ll see a prompt asking you to pay. The blueprint costs 2000 Peli.

Purchasing a shark blood bottle blueprint in GPO.

You’ll also need 10 Shark Teeth. To find the shark is relatively simple. You need to kill them with a 50% drop rate. Players can hold a maximum of 200x Shark Tooth in their inventory.

Sharks can be found in many places, for instance, this island you just visited, which is Foro Island. You can also find Shark Tooth from artificially spawned Sharks like when Ryu or Neptune use their ability Summon Sharks.  

Now, you buy the Shark Teeth by clicking “Yes”. You can even buy multiple in case you fail or need to re-use to summon the boss. 

Purchasing a shark blood bottle blueprint in GPO.

Next up, we head to the Blacksmith.

We have the Shark Blood Bottle blueprint, and now, we need a crafter to craft the Blood. So, we head to the blacksmith. 

Crafting items in GPO.

Interact with the blacksmith and he’ll say he can craft your items if you have the blueprint of them. In this case, you have exactly the blueprint you need. Click “Yes” and show him your blueprint, so he can take a look. 

Crafting shark blood bottle in GPO.

You’ll get a window showing you what you need to craft your item. It says you’ll need 10 Shark Teeth and 1 shark Blood Bottle Blueprint to craft the Shark Blood Bottle. If you have those items, go ahead and click Craft

Now, to the rough waters to spawn the Meglodon boss

Head to Rough Waters

Once you’re in rough waters, pull out the Blood Bottle and click on it. You don’t have to wait too long before the Meglodon shows up. 

Meglodon in GPO.

The Meglodon looks like a scarier, more mutated version of a shark with defined markings on him. Now, go ahead and defeat this guy! The excitement doesn’t have to head here. Head on over to this link for the Sulong Guide & Showcase (PVP) in GPO!


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