GPO: Max Damage Firework Daggers Guide & How To Get

Don’t cut yourself with that edge!

Grand Piece Online Firework Daggers

Everybody knows that working for a legendary weapon in Grand Piece Online takes time, so much time that you start having second thoughts about how good the item really is in the first place. Same goes for fruit but we have guides you can make use for that.

If you’re here to check out the Firework Daggers then keep on reading the guide below to see what it can do.

You’ll definitely want to make use of this weapon if you’re the kind of gamer who likes ration his stamina!

Max Damage Firework Daggers Guide

The Firework Daggers are legendary weapons obtainable from the Gold Presents dropped by the boss Supreme Giftbox, Rocky.

You can encounter the boss in the Final area of the Anniversary Dungeon during the Anniversary 2023 event.

It deals a base damage of 11 for your M1 and can be bought from the in-game shop for 850 Robux.

If you’re interested, you might want to check out this strategy on how to easily beat the Anniversary Dungeon and get your Firework Daggers!

Grand Piece Online Training Dummy

Firework Parade

You have a total of two devastating skills to make use of while wielding the Firework Daggers. The first one is the Firework Parade, perfect when you’re cornering somebody to their death.

It requires 25 Sword Mastery and uses 20 of your stamina.

Grand Piece Online Firework Daggers

Dashing Pyrotechnics

If the first skill wasn’t enough to take your opponent down, then you can finish things off with Dashing Pyrotechnics. This skill will have you dash forward while leaving a trail of fireworks on your sides.

It requires 45 Sword Master and uses 45 of your stamina.

Grand Piece Online Firework Daggers

That’ll have to do for the Firework Daggers in Grand Piece Online. Try the weapon out for yourself and see what you can cut down!

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