Grand Kaizen: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Grand Kaizen (formerly known as “Grand Kaisen”) has just been re-released, and there is a lot of content waiting for players. That is why we think that it is the perfect time to take a look at the game and provide a thorough guide for all novice players who have no idea what they can do in the game.

Let’s get to our complete guide for starters and beginners in Grand Kaizen; see everything you need to know!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

When you first start playing a game, there are always going to be certain fundamentals you have to learn.

We are going to go over each of them in this guide so you can start playing Grand Kaizen right away and not feel lost.

Let’s see how to create a character, obtain skills, which weapons are available in the game and how to level up.

Character Creation

You will be greeted by a character creation screen when you first launch the game. There, you have the option to customize your appearance and create a unique character for yourself.

You can choose your primary hair, secondary hair, eyes and mouth, skin color, and outfit from this screen.


Once you are done creating your character, click on the Spinner option, and you will head over to spin a cursed technique. You have six spins on this screen.

You can try spinning until you get the cursed technique you want to have. There are five cursed techniques available in the game at the current moment. These are:

  • King of Curses
  • Limitless
  • Disaster Flames
  • Cursed Speech
  • Sound Manipulation

Before choosing a technique, we highly recommend you take a look at our Grand Kaizen: All Cursed Techniques & Swords Guide for a deeper understanding of the techniques.

Cursed Technique Spins

Once you select your cursed technique, the character will be finished, and you are free to begin playing the game.


Now, let’s talk about how you are going to obtain skills in Grand Kaiszn. First of all, you need to press the M key and click on the second icon to open your skill tree and unlock your skills.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

The main circles on the skill tree are the skills you can unlock in the game. The side ones are just upgrades to these skills. There are six skills that you can unlock.

  • Dismantling Cut
  • Dismantle
  • Bisecting Assault
  • Counter
  • Flame Arrow
  • Malevolent Shrine
Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

In order to unlock these skills, you are going to need to have enough skill points. As you advance through the game, you can acquire these skill points.

For every level that you advance, you will receive one skill point.

You can see your unlocked skills on the upper right of your screen. To equip the skills you unlocked, you should click on the symbol right next to their names.

Skill Tree


Now, let’s move on to the available weapons in Grand Kaizen. However, you should go to the weapon store location first.

In order to go there, go back to the spawn point and follow our instructions.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

From the spawn, you should turn back and take the stairs. Go straight for a little while and take a turn to the left from the point below.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

You are going to see a small house on your right, you can purchase weapons from that location.

Weapon Store

You can complete quests to earn in-game currency and purchase weapons. Each weapon has different prices and requirements. There are seven weapons you can get at the moment.

  • Kento Knife: An M1-only, basic sword.
  • Inverted Spear of Heaven: Level 25 is required. The two moves on the weapon are X Slash and Heavenly Takedown.
  • Slaughter Demon: A rare weapon with the single move Demonic Puncture.
  • Hand Sword: Level 10 is required. The Cryptic Slash and Miracle Counter are the other two moves available to this sword.
  • Staff: The two moves on this weapon are the Guilded Combo and the Vault Kick.
  • Tetsubo: A basic sword that only uses M1.
  • Jet Black Sword: Level 5 is required. It can perform the moves Black Crescent Beam and Nightfall.
Weapon Store

The weapon store is not the only place you can acquire weapons in the game. Some bosses like Toji, Haruta, and Nanami can drop weapons as well.

However, as a beginner, we do not recommend you to try this before advancing a little bit in the game.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Leveling Up

Finally, you can now focus on leveling up in the game. In order to take your first quest, go to the spawn point and turn right.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Go straight forward for a while and you will see the Level 1 Quest NPC on your right. After interacting with this NPC, you are going to receive your very first quest in the game.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Your first quest is defeating an NPC named Keinor. The game will show you the location of Keinor, so you are not going to have to search for him.

Level 10 Quest

Simply go to this NPC and defeat him. After spending a little while in the game, you are going to reach level 10.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Once you are level 10, go back to the spawn point. Turn around and take the stairs just like you did to arrive at the weapon store. But this time, you should go straight forward until you see Level 10+ Quest NPC.

Level 15 Quest

This NPC will ask you to exorcize three curses. You can do it in the area just behind the quest NPC. Repeat this quest until you reach level 15.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Go to your right and run up the hill to find level 15+ NPC now.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

This time, you should find an NPC named Haruta. The game will show you his location again, but it is pretty close to the quest NPC location. Just climb the stairs on her left and you will see Haruta right there.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

After defeating Haruta and becoming level 20, go back to level 10+ Quest NPC.

Level 20 Quest

Go straight ahead from this NPC to the direction we have shown below.

Level 20+ Quest

Turn right and follow the path. After a while, you will see the Level 20+ Quest NPC on your left.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

This time you will need to exorcise three cursed spirits along the path again. Once again, you will see their location in the game.

Grand Kaisen: Complete Beginner's Guide

The level 20+ Quest is the last quest available in the game at the current moment. Once you complete it, you will have completed all the quests.

You can repeat these quests any time for extra XP in the game. This is it for our Grand Kaizen: Complete Beginner’s Guide.

We hope that this guide was useful for you. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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