How To Slay Undead Battle Mage – The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

Set the Undead on Fire!

There are various,  challenging enemies that you will face in the Chronicles of Myrtana. This free mod offers a large number of content for players of Gothic 2. One of the enemies you will face in the game is an undead battle mage and here is how to defeat it. 

Defeat Undead Battle Mage — The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

The lore of Gothic 2 and Myrtana is so diverse and complex, with different enemies surrounding each region. As the player, you can join different Guilds and further progress the Story. However, it is not possible to join the Mage Guild. 

You can develop your character as a Mage but joining their faction does not align with the storyline. On the other hand, you will encounter Mage enemies like the Undead Battle Mage who is capable of using magic to harm the player. 

During the Undead Battle Mage battle, other Undead enemies will also come at you. The Undead Battle Mage will hurl fireballs at you, setting you on fire. What you can do is direct the fireballs to other undead enemies and wait for the fire to consume them. 

Once all the undead is taken care of, you can corner the Undead Battle Mage near the ledge as shown above and you can continuously attack the Undead Battle Mage until it has no health left. Defeating the Battle Mage will give you a lot of EXP and unlock the Castle Ruins entry. 

And there you have it, good luck on defeating the Undead Battle Mage!

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