Grand Kaizen: Toji Boss Location Guide

Another boss to farm the drops!

Grand Kaizen toji Boss Location Guide

Some games out there don’t hold your hand when looking for certain things like items or bosses. While other games give you a path with big arrows pointing to the objective, some games let you figure it out on your own.

In Grand Kaizen, there’s not a map or objective marker that you can find in the game, and you’ll need to find things yourself if you want to get things done.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Toji Boss in the game so you can farm the unique drops from it. Now let’s see where this boss is so we can beat it up!

Toji Boss Location Guide

Toji is one of the bosses that you can fight in Grand Kaizen and it’s one of the tougher ones out there. If you do defeat him, he has a 1% chance to drop the unique weapon Inverted Spear of Heaven.

If you want that weapon, you’ll need to know where to find him first!

From the Starting village, where a lot of the beginners are in the game, follow the path to the Forest. There, you’ll find the Megumi NPC for 10+ quests, in front of him is the path you’ll need to follow.

Grand Kaizen Path To Toji 1

After a few minutes of following the path, you’ll see the Shaolin Level 20+ quest giver to the left. That means you’re halfway through, just keep on following the path.

Grand Kaizen Path To Toji 2

At the end of the path is a hill that you can go up and through an archway shown below.

Grand Kaizen Path To Toji 3

Continue following the path until you reach the area shown below with the big trees. Don’t follow the path and instead, go straight through the big tree until you reach a rock formation that looks like a bunny.

Grand Kaizen Path To Toji 4

Go to the right of the rock formation and there on an area with sand you can finally find the Toji Boss! Good luck with trying to get his rare drop!

Grand Kaizen Path To Toji 5

That’s where you can find the Toji Boss in Grand Kaizen. Now, go out there and farm this boss for the rare drop!

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