Grimoires Era: All Grimoire Guide & Showcase

Sword Magic and Anti-Magic showcase!

Grimoires Era: All Grimoire Guide & Showcase

The number of grimoires you can use in Grimoires Era has increased with new ones added from the Update 1. They all have unique sets of abilities that you can use in combat. We’re going to show you all the grimoires that are currently available in the game and what they can do. Without further ado, let’s go!

All Grimoire Guide & Showcase

There are currently tiers to grimoires from Common to Mythical. We’ll show them in the order of their rarity.

  • Regen (Common)
  • Reinforcement (Common)
  • Bronze (Uncommon)
  • Water (Rare)
  • Fire (Rare)
  • Earth (Rare)
  • Dark (Epic)
  • Wind (Epic)
  • Anti-Magic (Mythical)
  • Sword Magic (Mythical)

Regen (Common)

Regen is a common grimoire about, as the name suggests, regeneration. The Regen Grimoire is equipped with 3 skills all related to self-healing.

Regen Grimoire showcase in Grimoires Era.
Area Regen skill in action.

Here’s what they do.

  • Z: Self-Regen: You heal yourself with this skill, or to be exactly, you increase regen per tick.
  • X: Area Regen: This is great for groups where you can heal the entire team in a wide AoE.
  • C: Vampire Regen: Regen can attack, too! This is a lifesteal skill.

Reinforcement (Common)

The Reinforcement is a grimoire that scales on Strength. All of its moves are about power and pretty straightforward.

  • Z: Reinforcement-Crusher: You slam your fist to the ground, causing an AoE shockwave.
  • X: Reinforcement-Grimoire: Jump in the direction you aim and slam, causing an AoE shockwave.
  • C: Reinforcement-Punch: Literally, a punch. Powerful enough to send the enemy backward pretty far.
Reinforcement grimoire skill showcase in Grimoires Era.
Reinforcement Grimoire’s Punch.
  • V: Reinforcement–Transformation: Allows you to become bigger and deal heavier damage, but slower. Skills remain the same.

Bronze (Uncommon)

The Bronze Grimoire is a very fun grimoire to play with. It has pretty good range on all its whip skills, but they don’t have the widest AoE. So you need to aim correctly.

Bronze Grimoire's Double Whip showcase in Grimoires Era.
Bronze Grimoire’s Double Whip.

In addition, it has amazing Z move where you can cause AoE move around you. And you can walk around while this is on!

  • Z: Bronze-Whip: A single whip attack.
  • X: Double-Bronze-Whip: Double whip attacks.
  • C: Sequential-Bronze-Whip: Triple whip attacks.
  • V: Area Bronze: This is the ultimate move where you cause continuous damage around you and you can walk around while using it.

Water (Rare)

The Water Grimoire has great range and is an all-round kind of grimoire. You’ll enjoy blasting your enemy with your explosion. But when you need it, you can heal yourself.

  • Z: Water-Bomb: Great to clear out a group as you can shoot this from a distance. It has a delay before exploding, however.
  • X: Water-Explosion: Causes an AoE explosion from your location.
  • C: Water-Health: Instant healing in exchange for your MP.
  • V: Water-Flood: A forward burst attack in a very wide cone shape range.

Fire (Rare)

The Fire Grimoire is another great grimoire in the game because of the sheer range and AoE. It’s a great choice for farming.

  • Z: Fire-Burst: This move is similar to water, but it’s fire. Good range and can be used while on air. It has delay before exploding as well.
  • X: Fire-Pillar: An explosion from where you stand with great damage.
  • C: Fire-Roar: Fire Roar is a great way to clear enemy since you can aim it.
  • V: Fira-Emperor: This is the ultimate move where you hurl a huge fireball to your enemy.

Earth (Rare)

Earth Grimoire is the new rare grimoire alongside Sword Magic that got added with Update 1. The earth explosion kit set is a lot of AoE damages from your location.

  • Z: Earth-Explosion: You can actually aim this skill and throw an explosion to your target.
  • X: Earth-Stun: A powerful very huge AoE that explodes from your location.
  • C: Earth-Destruction: Similar to stun, but it has slightly wider AoE and better damage.
  • V: Earth-Eruption: The eruption is a straight-line skill with mid-range distance that gets wider with each spike.
Earth grimoire showcase in Grimoires Era.
Earth Eruption skill from Earth Grimoire.

Dark (Epic)

Dark Grimoire has received a rework since it was launched. And it received an additional offensive skill, which means it now has 5 skills.

  • Z Dark-Cut: This is a mid-range skill where you throw your skill forward.
  • X: Dark-Slash: You dash forward to deal damage along the way.
  • C: Dark-Dimensional: A wide range forward slash that has very low cooldown. Great for spamming.
Dark Dimensional skill from Dark Grimoire.
  • V: Dark-Ultimate: Deals a long range damage as you slash forward.
  • E: Dark-Tp: The teleport skill costs so much mana, but now it can also deal damage, but nothing spectacular.

Wind (Epic)

Wind Grimoire is one of the best farming guides in the game. It has wide AoE, easy to hit ranged attacks, and is just the best all-round with decent damage. Here are the skills before Transformation.

  • Z: Wind-Spear: Throw this from a distance and it ignites pretty fast.
  • X: Wind-Hurricane: The skill causes a hurricane which has a very wide range, easily cleaning the mobs before you.
Wind Grimoire showcase.
Wind Hurricane skill from Wind Grimoire.
  • C: Wind-Sharp: You can hurl the skill for with a really huge range.
  • V: Transform.

After Transformation, you now have stronger M1s and new skills:

  • Z: Wind-Blast: You does a slash that goes very far in range.
  • X: Wind-Race: You dash forward while slashing in a circular motion vertically.
  • C: Wind-Rush: You dash forward while slashing in a circular motion.

And you can fly with the Wind Grimoire in transformed mode without having to see your broom!

Anti-Magic (Mythical)

The first mythical grimoire in the game. Anti-Magic is mostly a close-range skill. Here are the skills before using transformation:

  • Z: Anti-Magic Slash: A single forward slash.
  • X: Anti-Magic-Hurricane: Turning into a hurricane that you can aim and move.
Anti-Magic Grimoire showcase in Grimoires Era.
Anti-Magic-Hurricane skill from Anti-Magic Grimoire.
  • C: Anti-Magic-Liberation: A ranged attack where you causes sword to fall from the sky.
  • V: Transform.

After transfomation, you can use new skills:

  • Z: Anti-Magic-Cracks: Send a blast of anti-magic in a straight line in front of you.
  • X: Anti-Magic-Burst: Jump and land on your target to cause an AoE explosion.
  • C: Anti-Magic-Break: Similar to Anti-Magic-Liberation where your attack falls from above, but with extra explosions.
Anti-Magic-Break skill from Anti-Magic Grimoire.

You can also fly using the Anti-Magic Grimoire with a new animation where instead, you stand on your sword!

Sword Magic (Mythical)

Sword Magic was newly added with Update 1. It has very good range with a wide range of things you can do with the grimoire. From getting a sword, to a powerful transformation

Here are the skill before using Transformation.

  • Z: Sword-Cut: An instant double cut forward.
  • X: Sword-Barrage: You can aim the triple slashes and they have very good range.
  • C: Sword-Invoke. You can summon a sword and change your M1 hits.
  • V: Sword-Transformation. Changes your skills to more versatile and powerful moves.

And here are the moves after using Transformation. Note that you don’t have any timer, so you can use this mode for as long as you want.

  • Z: Sword-Area: You slashes foward multiple times over a wide range and you can aim it.
  • X: Sword Shield: Allows you to be invincible for a 5 seconds.
  • C: Sword-Storm: A powerful long range attack where you sand a line of swords that pierces through everything.
Sword Magic Grimoire showcase.
Sword Storm from Sword Magic Grimoire.

And those are all the grimoire in Grimoires Era and what their skills do. Which one is your favorite? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Did you know that Grimoires Era has an official Trello board? Make sure to check out our guide which covers how to easily get there!


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