Grimoires Era: Official Trello Link

Trello has everything!

Checking out the official Trello boards of games is the quickest way to get information about a topic you need help with. Grimoires Era‘s official Trello has been under maintenance, and it has now been made public again. Since everything is freshly updated at the moment, you can find the information you need just by looking at it.

In this guide, we will provide you with a link to Grimoires Era’s Trello page. There are a lot of details for you to discover about the game, so make sure to take a look at it.

Trello Link of Grimoires Era

Grimoires Era’s official Trello board covers almost everything you need to know in the game. From game mechanics to accessories, you can learn a lot about the game there.

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Official Trello board of Grimoires Era.


In the mechanics section of the official Trello, you can learn about the controls, abilities, quests, and guilds in the Grimoires Era.

This way, you can have a good idea about where and how to start as a beginner in the game.


There are four types of accessories you can get in the Grimoires Era. You can obtain each one by using different methods. In this section, you can see which accessories you can get in the game. Along with some brief information about how to get them.


As you can easily guess by the name of the game, Grimoires are the most important things you can get in the Grimoires Era. You can get six different grimoires in the game. These are common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical grimoires. Each of these grimoires is connected to a magical ability.


In this section of the Trello board, you can see which races you can get in the game. There are three types of races at the moment. These are common, uncommon, rare, and legendary races. You can see what kind of benefits each race will give you in the game in this section.

Official Trello Link Grimoires Era.

This is everything we are going to cover in this Grimoires Era Official Trello Link article. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

If you feel like you need more information and help, we also have a beginners guide in Grimoires Era for you to check out!


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