Grimoires Era: Complete Beginners Guide

Everything a new player will need to know!

Roblox comes with no shortage of anime-inspired games. With many games inspired by the same animes, it can get confusing to figure out how the mechanics of each one work. One game inspired by Black Clover has been making noise recently, so I’m here to give you a Complete Grimoires Era Beginner Guide on Roblox.

Complete Beginners Guide

Grimoires Era is an open-world sandbox action-adventure inspired by the magical world of Black Clover. Players can accomplish missions, explore dungeons, and craft items to level their character and progress further into the world’s mysteries.

To get beginner players acquainted with the game’s basic features and mechanics, here’s a breakdown of all the things that you must learn if you want to progress the world of Grimoires Era!

Starting the Game

New Grimoires Era players can create their character on the select screen. You’ll be allowed to spin for the race you play in the game. Each race has a different probability and confers different pros and cons. 

  • Human – 60% chance
    • +5% Health Regen
  • Dwarf – 35% chance
    • +5% Walk Speed
  • Elf – 4.5% chance
    • +5% Passive Mana Regen Faster mana charge
  • Devil – 0.5% chance
    • +5% Damage
    • +5% Lifesteal

Don’t worry, because you can get spins from the AFK Zone where you can gain free aura and race spins (while premium users get double that).

SIDE NOTE: Make sure to check out our tier list for the races in Grimoires Era. We rank all the races in the game from best to worst!

Opening character race screen in Grimoires Era.

Spawning in the Game

When you spawn in the game, you will automatically spawn into the safe zone. Click on the Track Quest button on the left side of the screen to track what you have to do in your current quest level. 

An arrow will appear on the center bottom portion of the screen to indicate where you have to go. For early players just follow this arrow and accomplish the tasks that you come across to level up and progress further into the game.

Menu board in Grimoires Era.


Above the Track Quest button, clicking the Menu button will show you a variety of different icons.

  • Guild – The guild screen will indicate which guild you are currently a member of.
    • You have to be level 500 and have 10,000 Yen to create a guild.
  • Inventory – This screen will show you all the items you currently have.
    • These include item drops, armor, weapons, and accessories.
  • Community – This screen shows the Players, Requests, and Allies you currently have. Here you will find pending friend requests and the allies you already have.
  • Codes – This screen is where players can redeem rewards from codes released by the developers.
  • Spin Auras – This screen shows the prompt screen where you can spin for extra mana.
Aura Spin prompt screen in Grimoires Era.

Factions & Reputation

Reputation is a measure of how “good” or “evil” you are in the game. If you kill someone, you can be either evil or good. Keep your reputation status in mind because this will affect which faction you can join in the game.

As you can assume, the factions in the game are divided into two: the “good” guys and the “bad” guys. If you want to join one faction of the other, be mindful of who you are killing in the game.

Wondering where all the NPCs/Quest Givers are located in Grimoires Era? Make sure to check out our guide for that topic!


These are movesets you can unlock through a gacha system (as you’ve probably noticed by now, most of this game will rely on your luck).

Also, if you’re wondering which magics are best in the game, make sure to check out our tier list for the magics in Grimoires Era, ranked from best to worst!

Here’s a complete list of the grimoires you can currently get in the game:

  • Common Grimoires
    • Regen
      • Z – Self-Regen
      • X – Area-Regen
      • C – Vampire-Regen
    • Reinforcement
      • Z – Reinforcement-Crusher
      • X – Reinforcement-Grimoire
      • C – Reinforcement-Punch
      • V – Reinforcement-Transformation
  • Uncommon Grimoires
    • Bronze
      • Z – Bronze-Whip
      • X – Double-Bronze-Whip
      • C – Sequential-Bronze-Whip
      • V – Area-Bronze
  • Rare Grimoires
    • Fire 
      • Z – Fire-Bust
      • X – Fire-Pillar
      • C – Fire-Roar
      • V – Fire-Emperor
    • Water
      • Z – Water-Bomb
      • X – Water-Explosion
      • C – Water-Health
      • V – Water-Flood
  • Epic Grimoires
    • Dark
      • Z – Dark-Cut
      • X – Dark-Slash
      • C – Dark-Tp
      • V – Dark-Ultimate
  • Legendary Grimoires
    • Wind
      • Z – Wind-Spear
      • X – Wind-Hurricane
      • C – Wind-Sharp
      • V – Transform
        • Z – Wind-Blast
        • X – Wind-Race
        • C – Wind-Rush
        • V – Detransformation
  • Mythical Grimoires
    • Anti Magic
      • Z – Anti-Magic-Slash
      • X – Anti-Magic-Hurricane
      • C – Anti-Magic-Liberation
      • V – Transform
        • Z – Anti-Magic-Cracks
        • X – Anti-Magic-Burst
        • C – Anti-Magic-Break
        • V – Detransformation
Grimoire Dealer in Grimoires Era.

To roll for grimoires, players must speak to the Grimoire Dealer and use their Grimoire Spins at his location.

If you want to know where to find the Grimoire’s Dealer, we have a comprehensive guide for you!

Current Meta & Codes

The current meta grimoire is Wind followed by Anti-Magic, Water, and Fire. Choosing which Grimoire you get is completely out of your control, but you can make up for it by buying Grimoire Spins from NPCs on the map.

Here are more detailed builds that you can try:

To redeem the codes, you must do the following. Also, here’s a link for all the codes in Grimoires Era, where we updated all the working codes daily.

  • Open the Roblox application and launch Grimoires Era.
  • Press the menu button on the left side of the screen.
  • Press the “?” icon to open the redeem prompt.
  • Input the code you want to redeem.
  • Press enter and enjoy your rewards!

As with most Roblox adventure games, the higher level you are, the more power-ups you will unlock. Hopefully, this Complete Grimoires Era Beginner Guide is a great starting point for those who are still early into Grimoires Era.

Up next, why not check out this guide on how to get the Broom in Grimoires Era? We have a dedicated guide for that topic as well.


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