Grimoires Era: How To Put in Codes

Using codes is a great way to advance!

Most Roblox games offer you different codes from time to time to get a variety of useful rewards that you can use to your advantage. The Grimoires Era is no different; you can use the codes that are provided by the game developers to advance in the game. However, you might be having issues finding how to put in the codes in the game. In this guide, we will clear that up for you!

How To Put in Codes

You might think that it is kind of difficult to find out where to put the codes in Grimoires Era. This is because the game is fairly new, and it does not actually inform you about it when you begin playing. However, it is actually pretty easy.

In order to use your codes, click on the question mark symbol on the left side of your screen.

Grimoires Era code menu.

The commands and info menu are going to open after that. There, you will see the little box to put the codes on the bottom right. There, you can write the codes and get your rewards.

The code box in Grimoires Era.

Grimoires Era Codes

These are all the active codes in Grimoires Era at the moment. Do not forget to use each one of them and collect your rewards.


SIDE NOTE: If you’re having a hard time understanding some of the mechanics in the game, make sure to check out our complete beginners guide for Grimoires Era as well!

Active codes in Grimoires Era.

Now, you have learned how to put in the codes in Grimoires Era. Go ahead and use all the active codes and progress more than everyone else. If you are having trouble figuring out this freshly released game, we have guides on Broom Location and Grimoires Location as well.


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