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Gundam Evolution: Units Tier List | All Units Ranked

What’s the best Mobile Suit you can use?

Gundam Evolution is essentially Overwatch with a Gundam skin on it. Each Mobile Suit has different weapons and functionalities that allows them to be unique from one another. Currently, there are 17 different Mobile Suits for you to use, with 5 being locked behind a paywall (yep, it’s that kind of game). However, if you are interested in playing Gundam Evolution and planning on investing time into it, you should definitely use the best Mobile Suits available. But which is it? Here is a tier list for the best Mobile Suits you can use in Gundam Evolution.

Units Tier List – Gundam Evolution

We will have an S to C tiers, with S being the best of the best and C being the bottom of the barrel. Not to say that they are the weakest of the bunch, but it’s because they don’t have a lot of great functionalities that the other tiers have.

We will not include Unicorn Gundam, Mahiroo, and Zaku (Melee Loadout) in this list. Reason why is because as of right now, there is no information on how these Mobile Suits play, due to them being locked in the games in-game store.

That is because Gundam Evolution has not enabled the ability to purchase microtransactions to unlock anything yet.

While Gundam Exia and Marasai technically not available to play either due to them being locked behind the in-game store as well, they were included in the beta testing of the game back in April of 2022, so there are data to be examined to determine their spot in the tier list.

S Tier

  • Sazabi – With the only available Mobile Suit to use six funnels currently, Sazabi becomes a force to be reckoned with. The funnels essentially become your six little helpers, shooting beams at enemies from different angles.
  • Gundam Barbatos – Barbatos has a large mace that can push back enemy opponents when damaged. You can also use the mace to smash enemy opponents and stun enemies. With Barbatos being melee focused, you have to be fast and agile, since you need to be in front of your enemy to deal damage. That’s why Barbatos is one of the three Mobile Suits to have 3 dashes.
  • Gundam Exia – Exia, like Barbatos, is a melee focused Mobile Suit. Unlike Barbatos however, Exia is noticeably more agile and faster, making Exia a great Mobile Suit to get around the map. Especially with its 3 dashes.
  • Zaku II (Shooting Equipment) – The range variant of the Zaku II Mobile Suit is one of the best range Mobile Suits in the game. With an assault rifle with impressive rate of fire, you can take down a whole team by yourself if used correctly. It features two grenades: one for exploding and one for getting out of a tough situation.

A Tier

  • Dom Trooper – The large Mobile Suit is actually quite fast. However, it is not as fast as the Gundam Exia or the Barbatos. It does however make up for its speed with its array of weapons.
  • Asshimar – Asshimar has a beam rifle that essentially acts as a battle rifle. As far as we know, no other Mobile Suit has a battle rifle. Machine guns, assault rifles, and DMR’s are common amongst the other Mobile Suits, but Asshimar’s battle rifle has a surprisingly great accuracy that makes playing it so satisfying.
  • GM Sniper II – The GM Sniper II is the only Mobile Suit with a sniper rifle. Just like Asshimar, it features a unique range weapon that no other Mobile Suit has. With that, you can hit enemies far away.
  • GM – With the plainest design a Mobile Suit can have, you would be surprised at how great GM actually is. GM players have come up with the “Shield, Shoot, Bash” strat. Just like the name says, GM players can utilize the shield to defend itself before shooting. Afterwards, you then use the Shield Bash skill once they get close to you. It’s a solid strat that solidifies GM’s spot as a tank.
  • Turn A – This mustached Mobile Suit is famous in Gundam Evolution because of its one move: Overhead Throw. That’s right, once this Mobile Suit gets its hands on you, it is over. The Overhead Throw stuns you in place for a couple of seconds, but an experienced Turn A player will use that couple of seconds to down you and maybe destroy you.
  • Marasai – Marasai is the Roadhog of Gundam Evolution. It features a hook that allows you to rope in enemy Mobile Suits and either shoot them down yourself, or have your squad take them down. If played like a support role, Marasai can rake in a ton of assists just by hooking in enemy Mobile Suits to you and your team.

 B Tier

  • Gundam RX-78-2 – Surprisingly, the godfather of the Mobile Suit Gundam series isn’t that high up the tier list. While the Mobile Suit is indeed iconic, the performance in game leaves little to be desired. RX-78 is essentially the Mobile Suit you choose if you are just starting. You can play around with it for a bit to get a good idea of how the game works, then move on to the other Mobile Suits that have much more to offer.
  • Pale Rider – The Pale Rider Mobile Suit is essentially a Call of Duty character with a Mobile Suit body. However, Pale Rider is actually much higher up in the tier because it features a healing skill, one that puts up a healing zone for you and your teammates.
  • Methuss – Methuss is a support Mobile Suit that does its job exceptionally well. However, using Methuss offensively will get you shot down quickly. Methuss is one of the several other Mobile Suits in the game that can transform and fly around, it does not make it a great tactic to use because it leaves you open to attacks. Methuss can also heal teammates, but leaves you open to attacks.

C Tier

  • Guntank – With so little maneuverability, it boggles the mind as to why the devs think Guntank is a great addition to the roster. Sure, it has great range attacks, but that doesn’t mean much when you can’t run away fast enough.

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