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Tower Of Fantasy: Ruin B-03 Hard All 6 Chests

Complete the quests!

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play MMO game. Tower of Fantasy has a lot of exploration, puzzles, and combat. One area to explore is the Ruins. In ruins, players can find battle, research, and, most importantly, find chests. In this guide, we will show you all the Ruin B-03 Hard six chests.

Ruin B-03 Hard All 6 Chests in Tower Of Fantasy

The Ruin B-03 starts with a flooded ruin and a platform located in the center. The opposite from the chest has a locked door. When you unlock the door, there will be your first enemies. These enemies are not difficult, and you can kill them quickly.

The second chest is located behind your first enemies on the platform that moves up and down. You must simply kill the enemies and jump on the platform to open the chest.

After you collect the first two chests, you are moving forward. You will enter a room with moving lasers before entering the second section. In the next enemy section, you will meet with basic enemies and a tough robot with a shield that is not that easy to kill.

Once the enemies are destroyed, there is a chest to the right as you enter. The chest is located on a stone ledge.

There is one more jumping puzzle with a rotating laser. Around the stones, there are enemies who are floating with jetpacks. It would be best if you were careful about this one. They can knock you off the edge and kill you and then reset the fight again. When you beat your enemies, you can open the chest under the stone.

The next chest is located in the same area on the left side of the doorway to exit into the final room. You have two easy enemies to beat and jump across and open the chest.

The final battle and the final chest are in the boss room. You will battle against the Rogard World Boss. To beat the boss, you need to avoid getting unnecessary damage.

The most annoying thing that Rogard is doing is when he launches flowers from the ground and knocks you out. You must watch out for these flowers and avoid them to beat the boss quickly. When you beat the boss, the chest Is located.

There is another open door when you enter the boss room on your right. You will enter the door, and on your left is a stone ledge, and you will find the last chest.

You have come to an end. Go back in the game and collect the chests. These are all the hard B-03 Chests in Tower of Fantasy.

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