Highschool Hoops: Complete Dribble Guide (Roblox)

You gotta get your head in the game!

Shoot some hoops and compete against other players in Roblox Highschool Hoops. In this game, be the MVP and master the fundamentals of basketball while you complete daily quests and train your skills with your friends. If you’re new to the game, then dribbling should be one of the first things you master before you get further in the game. I’ll give you a complete dribble guide in this article to help you master the court.

Complete Dribble Guide

Much like real life, there are multiple ways to dribble in Highschool Hoops that can be done with a certain combination of keys and moves. I’ll talk about all the ways you can dribble below.


To Step Back, just push your joystick down; press X on your keyboard if you’re on a PC. This is useful if you’re trying to switch hands or crossover, and is a great basic dribble that you can use to set up combos.

Double Step Back

The double step back is exactly what it’s called: a step back done twice. For this move, press X twice or quickly push your joystick down twice to do this move.

Spin Moves

Spin moves are a great way to get past opponents in your way and can be done to the left or the right. To spin left, press ZZ; to spin right, press CC. It would be best if you pressed the keys in quickly and in succession. Note that this move is tricker with a controller and can be a hit or miss.

Spin Moves are great when combined with a hop step to make space between you and the hoop so keep this in mind when you want to set up jump shots from the paint.

Hop Step

The Hop Step is a staple move in Highschool Hoops. If you’re on the PC, run to the rim and press F. Alternatively, you can run forward and hop step back if you want to fake out or make space between you and a guarding opponent. This dribble is great for setting up layups in the paint or for quick evasion around a guarding opponent. I’ll talk about layups later.


This isn’t a common dribble. If the ball is in your right hand, press C; and if the ball is in your left hand, press Z

Different Kinds of Layups

Now let’s talk about the different layups in the game.

  • Run towards the net and hold E (for PC) or hold X (for controller) and release when the bar is filled to the top.
    • This is a simple, straightforward layup great for getting clean shots in. 
    • Easy to interrupt.
  • Run towards the net and hold E, wait until the meter is full, and then double click E again. Hold X on the controller and then double press X when the meter is maxed out.
    • This layup is great when someone is trying to block you.
    • Don’t use this move often because it eventually becomes easy to block and can be predictable.  

And that’s everything on this complete dribble guide for Highschool Hoops! Use these moves to ease your way through the court and win games like nothing. Interested in more Roblox? Anime Crossover Defense is a new(ish!) game where you can battle it out and upgrade your units. Here’s how to make Shiny Primal Mythics in the game to make your units unstoppable!


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