Hogwarts Legacy: Buying a Wand Showcase

Find out How the Wand Buying System works in Hogwarts Legacy!

Being a wizard in the world of Harry Potter and the school of magic Hogwarts, you shall need to require a wand for yourself and your character. It is a very important aspect of the game and we are happy to see that the developers have placed a lot of care and attention to it.

In this article, we will present you with how it works and how you’re able to Buy a Wand for yourself in the game. Let’s get started.

Buying a Wand Showcase – Hogwarts Legacy

Introduction To Buying Wands In Hogwarts Legacy

Meet Gerbold Ollivander, the person who will give you the best possible wand for yourself to use in Hogwarts Legacy.

He is part of the dynasty and family tradition of making the very best wands in the lore of Harry Potter. He shall be the person that you’ll be coming across if you want to try out different wands for yourself.

You are able to find a store in the streets by the mark of “Makers of Fine Wands since 352 BC – Ollivianders”. Possibly this is a checkpoint that you can come across while going through the main story.

Buying A Wand In Hogwarts Legacy

Once you enter the store and meet the character inside of it, you shall get a cutscene of choosing an actual wand. It is done very well and it makes us extremely happy to say it. Each wand is different and just how the story of Harry Potter goes, that’s how you’ll experience it here too.

That means that some wands will be good for you, while others will, let’s just say be better for others. You will experience this in the game firsthand as well.

Each wand will have its unique characteristics and actually be just more than a mere weapon and tool you’ll use in the game.

Customizing & Creating Your Wand

You are able to move the wand around and inspect every inch of it. It does look very good and the details and love for it from the devs are something that we truly appreciate.

You can choose variations of it as well as the shape. Change the color and its style. Overall, these are the aspects you can customize:

  • Wand Style
  • Wood Type
  • Wand Core Options: Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn

Olliviander goes on and says that you’ll be able to build a bond with your Wand. Possibly something that we play through the game and actually level up the power of the wand.

All in all, Buying a Wand is an amazing asset of the game that will give the wand some feel and a unique element to it other than a piece of wood to cast spells with.

We hope that this article has covered all the aspects of buying a wand in the new Hogwarts Legacy. Stay tuned for a lot more things about this amazing game which we will cover in the future.

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